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Hair Removal Problems? You're not Alone!

For everyone of us pining for a healthier and fuller head of hair, there are at least as many of us (if not more) looking to reduce the amount of hair on other parts of the body with professional or home hair removal.

So if you want rid of excess hair, you can be sure you're not alone. Some reports suggest that over 80% of women have some form of superfluous unwanted hair (and these days there are as many men who would prefer to be without the hair sprouting in some parts of their bodies).

But despite the common nature of the problem, removing hair from the parts of your body where you would rather it was not growing can be time-consuming, tricky and expensive.

What's more the methods offered by the beauty salons up and down the country often offer more promise than genuine permanent hair removal or reduction.

And to make matters more confusing different methods of removing hair suit different parts of the body, different skin tones and different hair types.

Clear Information and Facts about ALL Hair Removal Methods

This website aims to provide clear information about hair removal so that you can avoid being taken in by the ads for the miracle hair removers and choose home or salon hair removal products which will be the most effective solution or solutions for your unwanted hair.

We have no axe to grind or method to push down your throat. We give you the information about every method so that you can choose for yourself. Make sure that you discuss your choice with a professional beauty therapist or medical professional too.

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If you're looking for immediate solutions for excess hair jump straight to the Hair Removal Methods section where you can read all about the various methods in use today, their pros and cons, suitability and costs along with a helpful page about how to choose a suitable method with a summary of the main ways of removing hair. You'll also find details and reviews in this section about particular products and treatments.

If you want information about removing hair from particular parts of the body, take a look at our Removing Hair From Specific Areas section.

If you just want more background information about unwanted hair and its removal browse our Facts about Excess Hair section.

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