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Unwanted Body Hair: Back, Chest and Abdomen Hair Removal

Back, Chest and Abdomen Hair Removal for Women

Many women have the odd stray hair growing in the wrong place. It's no big deal. The best method of getting rid of these is to pluck out the hair using good tweezers.

You many find that you have hairs round your nipples too. If you have these you can deal with them by carefully trimming or plucking or you can use electrolysis if you would like a permanent solution although that tends to be quite painful in the nipple area.

For large areas of unwanted hair regular waxing is generally the best method of removing hair without great expense, but if you have more than a few hairs growing on your back, chest or abdomen then this is more likely to be due to a medical problem so be sure and seek advice from your doctor. There are medications and topical lotions that your doctor can prescribe which are not available over the counter.

Back, Chest and Abdomen Hair Removal for Men

Although back, chest and abdomen hair is seen as very acceptable for men, many men remove hair in these areas for aesthetic reasons. A hair free back gives a smoother look and in activities such as body-building and modelling it may be viewed as a necessity.

The best way of removing large areas of unwanted hair is with regular waxing, though timing of treatments may be an issue as a small regrowth is necessary so that the wax has something to adhere to. This means that you can't maintain a totally hair-free appearance continually. Also skin may take some time to settle down after treatment. With waxing hair generally gets weaker and regrowth becomes finer over time.

To reduce regrowth issues, men may opt for more expensive laser treatment which promises a permanent reduction in hair growth over time. The costs of this treatment add up to a sizeable amount especially as maintenance treatments will be needed even once a full course of several treatments has been completed.

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