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Beauty Waxing Tips

Waxing is a great way of removing unwanted hair from your body and face because it leaves your skin hair free and smooth for weeks at a time and you can remove the hair from large areas relatively quickly.

But many people are afraid to try it because of the potential pain involved without really considering it. Constant shaving and messy depilatory hair remover creams are not much fun either and you have stubbly regrowth to contend with in no time at all, whereas hair grows back without stubble and often gets finer and sparser over time with regular waxing.

Although there will be some pain (or at least discomfort) involved, it's often not as bad as you imagine and is over quite quickly. And if you pluck up courage to give waxing a go either at the beauty salon or at home, you will probably see what a practical way it is of removing hair.

Tips to follow prior to Beauty Waxing

  • Make sure that the hair to be removed is long enough for the wax to grip. It has to be at least an eighth of an inch. So schedule any other hair removal sessions accordingly.
  • If excess hair is longer than a quarter of an inch it becomes more painful to pull out so you may want to trim it for best results if it is longer than that.
  • Skin needs to be clean and dry before you begin for the wax to adhere properly.
  • If you like take an over the counter pain relief medication an hour or so before your waxing appointment at the beauty salon or before you start to wax at home.
  • If you are at home you may find a warm shower helps open the pores and make hair removal easier although some people find that this "softens" the hair too much and makes it difficult to grip.
  • For women, book your first appointment at the salon or schedule your home waxing session for mid menstrual cycle. Pain is generally felt more acutely just before or during a period.
  • Avoid waxing altogether if you have diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation. If you have been using medication or lotions which cause thinning of the skin (the case with some acne preparations) you should not use waxing as a hair removal method until the skin has recovered. This will be some weeks after you have stopped using this medication. You should also avoid areas of broken or irritated skin or skin with warts, spots, moles or sunburn.

Tips to follow during your Waxing Session

  • If you are having waxing professionally done at the salon mention to the beauty therapist that this is your first time waxing so that she can explain the procedure to you and let you know what to expect. Otherwise just relax as much as you can. Chatting to the therapist can take your mind off the process.
  • If you are applying the wax yourself
    • Make sure the wax is heated to the right temperature using the machine supplied or the microwave if applicable following the instructions in your kit exactly. Wax should be soft but not too runny - a bit like honey.
    • Apply wax in a thin layer with a small spatula in the direction of hair growth (a spatula is usually supplied with most home waxing kits)
    • Press down on the wax with the cotton or cellophane strips supplied leaving one end free.
    • Quickly pull off the strip in the opposite direction to hair growth keeping as close to the skin as possible rather than pulling away at right angles to the skin surface
    • As soon as the strip is removed massage the area of skin treated to soothe irritation before moving onto the next strip
    • Once you have waxed the whole area you are treating, wipe off any excess wax with hot damp cloths

Tips to follow after a Beauty Waxing Session

  • Soothe the skin with a mild lotion such as aloe vera and a cool compress if necessary.
  • You may notice redness and bumps but these should disappear within a few hours
  • Avoid tight clothing which might rub and cause irritation. Also avoid sun exposure for a couple of days as this can lead to some discoloration
  • Once skin has calmed down in a day or two, begin gently exfoliating your skin regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.

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