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Bikini Line waxing: Parisian, Hollywood or Brazilian wax?

Once you have decided to consider waxing pubic hair to keep it neat and tidy, you might start to find out about the various types of bikini line waxing available because it's no longer so simple as just removing the stray hairs around the tops of your legs or those poking out of your skimpy bathing costume.

These days there are decisions to make about the type of bikini waxing you will choose and the treatments have all kinds of names. To make matters more confusing there is no universally recognised meaning for many of the terms relating to pubic hair removal although here are a few guidelines which will give you a rough idea.

In the past, a bikini wax involved simply removing hair which showed outside the line of your underwear or swimsuit.

But now the most talked about type of waxing for the bikini line is the Brazilian wax which is named after the South American beauties (male and female) who like wear very skimpy thong bikini bottoms on the beach and don't want any excess hair showing. The full Brazilian wax involves removing all hair growing anywhere in the pubic region - back, front and between including the buttocks and is also called Bare waxing, Sphinx Waxing (after the hairless cat) and Hollywood Waxing.

There is a modified Brazilian (sometimes called a "Playboy" from the look of the models there) which involves keeping a small "landing strip" of pubic hair in front. These days a triangle of hair rather than a strip is often left there for a more natural look.

Then there is the “Natural" bikini wax which takes hair off the buttocks, between the legs and the hair along the edge of the bikini line but leaves the pubic area looking natural.

And salons are starting to sell other types of waxing such as a "Parisian" wax using a different type of cooler wax favored in France. Sometimes they may brand waxing treatments under their own names too.

At many beauty salons, you can also have a made to order, bespoke look which involves creating a shape in your pubic hair such as a heart or a butterfly.

So how can you get past all the confusion surrounding the different types of bikini waxing out there?

Rather than worrying about what to call your bikini waxing treatment it is best simply to tell the beautician where you would like hair removed and she can tell you what they call it (if anything) or ask what the various names they use in their price list mean so that you a clear what each treatment involves in that particular salon. For example, in a full Brazilian wax you would expect the hair from the labia to be removed but for some salons this might only be done if you specify bare or Sphinx waxing.

It's best if you are clear about what you would like waxed before you go for your hair removal session and then you can be quite specific about which areas of unwanted hair you would like to be removed at the beauty salon.


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