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Bleaching Unwanted Hair

Bleaching is not really a method of hair removal at all as it does not involve removing hair but it is included here as it helps to disguise unwanted hair. Bleaching lightens the color of hair so that it is less obvious against paler skin.

It's a great choice for finer hair which would not be a problem if it were not so dark. This is often the case with hair on the face and arms for women.

You can buy bleaching kits which give everything you need to easily carry out the procedure. These include a bleach mixture usually in cream form and an activator powder and you need to mix the two together in a non-metallic bowl just before you are going to bleach your hair. You should test a small area first to ensure that the kit is suitable for you. If your skin is affected by redness, irritation or erupts then the kit is not suitable for you. There should be instructions for doing a patch test with the kit.

The effects of bleaching generally last 2 - 3 weeks before the process has to be repeated.

Special bleaching kits are available for facial hair, very dark hair and for bleaching large areas such as the arms or legs.

Advantages of Bleaching

  • inexpensive. A bleaching kit which is enough for 8 upper lip bleaching treatments costs about $5
  • procedure can be easily carried our at home
  • it's painless
  • quick

Disadvantages of Bleaching

  • excess hair is not actually removed
  • unsuitable for coarse unwanted hair
  • bleach may irritate the skin and over time change skin texture and/or color