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Body Hair Removal : How to Achieve a Smooth Back

Film stars, models and body builders with back and body hair are as rare as hen's teeth so it's no wonder that men with more than a few stray hairs feel the need to go bare. But how do you achieve a nice smooth back free of unwanted hair?

A hair-free back is almost impossible to achieve by yourself unless you are some kind of contortionist. Whatever method you choose you will need to enlist the help of a professional or at least a friend.

If you are lucky and have just have a few stray hairs on your back, these can be removed quickly and easily by plucking them out with a good pair of tweezers. The willing friend or partner will come in handy here.

If you are not so fortunate and have quite a lot of back hair you will want to look at other methods of removing body hair.

Of course it would be great to get rid of excess back hair permanently. But permanent hair removal is not easy to achieve and there's really only one way to get rid of body hair for good - that's with electrolysis. The issue with this is that each hair has to be treated individually in electrolysis and that is quite a painstakingly long process. If you have a lot of hair on your back, it's likely you'd need multiple sessions of an hour of more costing around $100 with a trained electrologist probably over at least 6 months and maybe over a year. But all types of skin and hair can be treated with electrolysis and it is permanent for most.

If you don't have the time to attend for electrolysis on a regular basis you might think about IPL (intense pulsed light) or laser hair removal for your back. Despite any ads or articles you might read which say that laser hair removal is permanent this is not the case. Laser treatment can offer only a permanent reduction of unwanted back hair and not permanent removal. Almost certainly you would have to go for maintenance sessions after your initial course of treatment which can make laser back hair removal more expensive and time-consuming than electrolysis in the long run. But you may find it suits your lifestyle better than electrolysis or other methods. Sessions to remove body hair are a bit shorter (though more expensive) than electrolysis and the gap between visits is longer. This can make laser hair removal suitable for a busy lifestyle where money is not an issue. Be aware however that laser treatment is unsuitable for blond, grey or red body hair.

If electrolysis or laser hair removal are not within budget you can look at the most popular method of removing back hair - waxing. Body wax has the advantage of being a quick and relatively inexpensive method of removing hair and it is reasonably long lasting - giving you several weeks of smooth back skin in most cases. You lay down on the therapist's couch and warm wax is applied to your back with a spatula. A cloth strip is then pressed down onto the wax and pulled off with a sharp tug taking the hair with it. It's generally a bit painful but bearable and you can reduce pain by taking a mild over he counter pain killer a little before your session. You could also try a do it yourself approach to waxing with a home body waxing or sugaring kit as long as you have the help of a good friend. Be sure and read the instructions carefully before you begin.

And that same good friend would be needed if you want to try any other method of back hair removal such as shaving or depilatory hair remover creams. The disadvantage of creams and shaving is that you end up with stubble pretty quickly (within a few days at most) and that is often less attractive than the excess hair on your back you are trying to remove. So you have to repeat the process over and over (and rely on your friend again. Let's face it, your friendship is going to wear pretty thin after a while unless this is a very good friend).

So look at your circumstances to decide which method is right for you if you want a bare back. Maybe you will even decide that the whole smooth hair-free back thing is not worth it and you'll decide to live with your hairy back and shoulders. But it is something that you can achieve if you do think it is worth the effort and have the funds.

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