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Brazilian Waxing FAQ and Tips - Beauty Waxing for the Bikini Line

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing generally means complete hair removal around the whole female genital area including the anus and perineum although there is an option to leave a small amount of hair about 2 or 3 fingers wide above the vaginal area. Brazilian Waxing for men is sometimes offered and means removal of all hair around the male genital area.

How much Does Brazilian Waxing Cost?

Prices at beauty salons may range anywhere from $25 to $100 or more.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Waxing

Allow your hair to grow for at least two weeks before going for a Brazilian waxing treatment then trim hair short (about a quarter of an inch to half an inch at most). Shorter hair is easier and more comfortable to remove than long hair but there does have to be some hair there for the wax to grip. Ensure that the area is clean before your appointment either by showering or (if you don't have time for that) by thorough cleaning with baby wipes or simple soap and water. Salons usually provide disposable underwear (thong) or you can wear your own (not too precious) thong or go completely bare.

How Long Does a Brazilian Waxing Session Take?

A session takes from 20 to 45 minutes. The initial session will probably take longest with each subsequent session taking a little less time as hair becomes easier to remove.

What Happens in a Brazilian Waxing Session?

The beautician will ask you to remove underwear, then you lie down. The beautician will then tell you to raise your legs and may sprinkle the area with talc to ensure that the skin is dry. She or he will then use a spatula to spread a thin layer of hot wax on one area at a time removing the wax by pressing down with a cotton strip, holding the skin taut and pulling in one short sharp pull against the direction of hair growth. Of course, in this area you are pretty exposed and have to be OK with being handled in some pretty strange ways.

The pubic area is often very sensitive and therefore painful to wax although different people experience different levels of pain with it. The pain can continue for a while afterwards too. Sometimes a cold compress can help afterwards and be sure not to wear tight fitting underwear or clothes to your appointment. You can reduce pain a little by taking an over the counter pain relief medication a hour or so before your treatment.

How Long Does it Take for the Skin to Recover after Brazilian Waxing?

It will probably take a day or two after removing hair for the skin to settle down and for any redness and bumps to disappear. After that you should start to gently exfoliate the outer area to avoid any ingrown hairs.

How Long will the Area Stay Free of Unwanted Hair after Brazilian Waxing?

Anything from two to eight weeks depending on the rate of growth of the unwanted hair. Of course you will need some regrowth if you want to go for waxing again so that the wax has something to grip. This probably means at least a month or so between sessions although you may have to tweeze the odd hair here and there. Fortunately follow-up sessions are generally less painful and shorter than the first session. That's because regrowth is generally weaker and you know what to expect and are less anxious about the whole process.

How do you Choose a Salon and Therapist for your Brazilian Waxing?

Try and go by recommendation because the process is much easier if your beautician has a lot of experience, a good technique and a soothing and patient manner. If the beauty therapist is unsure and hesitant Brazilian waxing can be very painful indeed. You have to feel comfortable with the therapist because you will be pretty exposed and the therapist has to touch you in some very intimate places to complete the waxing procedure. It's important that the salon and therapist have good standards of hygiene too - you definitely do not want a pot of wax which has been used as a hair remover for other people being reused on you especially in the pubic area - so you may want to ask about that when you first enquire too.

Is it Feasible to do Brazilian Waxing at Home?

I would not recommend you do this at home. You have to be pretty handy with a mirror and a contortionist to boot to even see the excess hair you want to remove. And it takes a whole heap of courage to peel off those strips. Some people have had success though by having an initial session in a salon and then keeping the area hair free using an epilator. The epliator grips shorter hairs than wax so you can keep the area smoother than with regular visits to the salon.

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