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Chest Hair Removal : Hairy Chest or Bare and Beautiful?

There's nothing more macho than a hairy chest so why do guys want to go bare there? Not that they are all so keen when they find out what is involved in chest hair removal - but there is still a significant number who like the smooth look enough to bother.

I expect the smooth is beautiful idea originated from male models and body builders who like to show off their well toned chest muscles with a tan and body oil. Body oil does nothing on a hairy chest other than make the hair look greasy! And of course you can't see any kind of muscle definition behind a rug of fur - on the other hand if your muscles are less well defined and you are winter pale a hairy chest does help to disguise that.

If you decide you want to try removing a hairy chest you have a whole host of methods at your disposal - and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Shaving is quick, cheap and easy but in a day or so you will have scratchy stubbly regrowth and I have it on good authority that the chest is one of the places where the regrowth tends to irritate like mad. If you decide to shave your chest, be prepared to do it often so that your skin can get used to the process and also use a loofa or body buffer sponge in the shower or bath to cut down on the possibility of ingrown hairs.

Depilatory hair remover creams are reasonably effective but they mean hanging around wearing a chest of messy very smelly cream for 10 minutes or so and the regrowth is not much slower or more comfortable than shaving so you have to repeat the whole messy process just as often. Not fun.

Waxing is the most popular method of removing hair but the chest is pretty sensitive so this tends to be quite painful. Grin and bear it though and you'll have smooth skin for some weeks (hence the popularity). Be sure and have the treatment a few days before you want to show off your chest because waxing can leave your skin irritated and covered in little red bumps - not such a good look.

For a more long term solution try laser hair removal on your chest. Although this will not remove hair permanently most people find that they experience a permanent reduction in the amount of hair after a course of treatment. Of course it is pretty expensive (think a few hundred dollars a session) and you will need ongoing maintenance treatments too but it is fast and less painful than waxing for most people.

If you really want to remove hair permanently then electrolysis is the only solution (and the only one I would recommend for women with a hairy chest problem). It is slow and costly (around $100 for an hour long session) and you often need a fair number of treatments spread out over 6 months or a year to successfully remove all of your chest hair permanently but it will make a big difference to you if you are fed up with more temporary methods for dealing with excess hair.

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