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Choosing the Right Epilator : Eight questions to ask

All of the epilators on the market will do the job of removing excess hair provided that you persevere and give the device a chance to do its job. You can expect some discomfort when you are pulling hairs out by the roots with all of the hair removal systems you can buy - hairs are really not meant to be removed and are designed to stay just where they are.

But if you've decided to try out an epilator, don't be daunted by the range of epilation devices on the market. Just take a little time to choose the one that's right for you. Here are eight questions to help you decide which appliance to buy.

1. How does the epilator work?

Some epilators work by trapping the hair in a rotating spiral of wire, others by multiple tweezers or rotating disks moving in succession. I have tried different types of epilator and not noticed a great deal of difference but if you are replacing a current model and are used to it you might want to stick with the same type of system.

2. Does the epilator have any inbuilt pain relief?

Some models use a cooling device which helps reduce pain. The model I'm currently using thePhilips Norelco Satinelle Soft Epilator & Lady Shaver HP 6409has an in-built massage device and I'm amazed how well it works though it's not completely pain free of course. Pulling hair out from the roots was never going to be that but I don't mind using this at all.

3. Can the epilator be used without a cord?

Some epilators have internal rechargeable batteries or work on battery power which can be handy if you want to use the epilator away from a source of electricity. It is useful to have the option of a power cord too so that you can use the electric mains and are not continually having to recharge your machine or buy new batteries.

4. Does the epilator also have a shaving head?

Some epilators have an interchangeable head and the epilator shaver device can then be used as a lady shave for the areas of unwanted hair you prefer to deal with in that way. Those with that feature usually cost more than standard epilators so only choose one of these if you will use the shaver too.

5. Does the epilator offer a money-back guarantee?

Some epilators offer to give you your money back if you don't like the product so you might like to choose one of these. I think you will do better if you just grit your teeth and get over the discomfort of your first attempts with your machine. You will get used to it and will have an easy method of removing hair and having smooth legs with little fuss forever more.

6. Is the epilator made by a company you know and trust?

Choose a brand you recognize for a quality machine. The first epilators were made by Epilady and they remain active in the market. Other trusted brand names are Braun, Philips, Enjoi and Babyliss.

7. How much does the epilator cost?

Don't make price your first consideration but it is usually a factor in a decision to purchase an item. My first Epilady epilator lasted 14 years so it was pretty cheap by any standards giving me smooth legs for all that time.

8. How easily can I buy the epilator?

Can you buy at your local store? If you can't you can easily and safely order all available makes and models online from, inc.

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