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Cost of Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Electrolysis costs between $50 and $150 an hour with significant variations between cities, regions and countries. Most salons charge in minimum increments of 10 minutes or so of treatment. This is quite useful in reducing costs when you get to the end of your course of treatment and require just a few hairs to be removed.

Even at the beginning of a course of treatment, unwanted hair from a small area such as the upper lip can be treated in about 15 minutes whereas a larger area such as the back or legs would take much longer - maybe an hour or more.

As the treatment may have to be repeated many times to ensure that all the hairs have been permanently removed you need to factor into the cost the number of electrolysis treatments you will need and unfortunately this is almost impossible to predict. You may find you need just a few sessions to deal with your excess hair or you may need (as I did) to make regular visits to the electrologist for over a year to achieve permanent hair removal.

If you want to go for electrolysis it is probably safer to ensure that you either have a very flexible budget or you can finance your hair removal treatments each month from the money you have within that month - then it's just like a regular appointment at the beautician for a waxing or other beauty treatment. And, in fact, electrolysis costs no more than many beauty treatments you might pay for but this one has permanent results!

In some circumstances, however, it may feel it is better to go for laser treatment especially for removing hair from larger areas of your body if it works out as a more affordable (and less time consuming) option for you, at least in the short term.

You really have to weigh up the benefits of achieving permanent removal of excess hair against the cost and time factor when looking at the price of electrolysis versus the price of laser hair removal because you are not comparing like results. Lasers have only been shown to achieve permanent hair reduction and not removal so you will need ongoing maintenance treatments with laser hair removal which are expensive on an ongoing basis. For more information on this see Why is Electrolysis Less Popular than Laser Hair Removal?

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