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Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Most people want to know how much laser hair removal costs. The US average price for laser treatments is $229.00 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons quoted in Wikipedia. Although I give cost guidelines here for each part of the body where you might have laser hair removal performed, you need to be aware that prices do vary - a lot! They vary depending on

1. Where you live

The cost of laser hair removal varies from state to state and country to country. In more affluent areas clinic can set higher fees - and they do. If there is a lot of competition between laser removal centers in an area, this can drive prices down.

2. The hair removal clinic you choose

Quite often you get what you pay for with a quality medical clinic and medical practitioners costing more than laser hair removal or Intense pulsed light treatment provided by a trained beauty therapist. Also different laser hair removal centers use different pricing structures. Some have a flat fee on a per treatment or package of treatments. Some clinics' prices may be time based where you get a segment of time (say 15 minutes) for a particular amount of money. Of course, the amount of hair removal that can be done in any given period varies with the speed of the machine (and of the therapist) and how thick the hair is. Other laser hair removal centers charge per pulse - a pulse dealing with about 2 square centimeters and about ten hairs - and the costs of treatment then depend on how many pulses it takes for your laser treatment.

3. The area of the body you would like treated

Laser hair removal on larger areas such as the back, chest or legs takes longer than that on the bikini line or face and therefore it costs much more per session.

4. The type of hair and skin you have

It is far easier to treat dark hair on light skin than it is to treat hair where there is little contrast. Fewer sessions are needed the darker the hair and the lighter the skin you have. The one advantage to having very visible hair growth against your skin! Male hair tends to be more stubborn than female hair so this is harder to remove. If your unwanted hair is dense you will need more laser treatment than if your hair is sparse and so the cost will usually be greater.

Most laser practitioners will provide a free initial consultation where your needs will be discussed and you can then make a decision based on your budget. But I do think it is helpful to have an idea before you go anywhere near the laser clinic so that you can see whether laser hair removal will be affordable for you. Here are some average price indications but do remember that these will vary considerably:-

Cost of Facial Laser Hair Removal

This is generally one of the most affordable areas to treat as it is small with average laser hair removal prices ranging from just $100 to $300 a session. For a full face, sessions will be around $300 and about 6 sessions will be needed spaced 2 to 3 months apart. For the upper lip area about 6 sessions spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart may be needed and this might cost just a few hundred dollars for the whole package of treatment. For a man, whose beard is often tough to deal with the total price of laser hair removal will probably be more and the sessions may need to go on for longer - the actual time being hard to predict.

Example per session pricing for

Upper lip or chin $80
Sideburns $180
Nape of neck $150
Lower half of face $220
Front of neck $180

Costs for Upper body Laser Hair Removal

There are generally large areas of excess hair to be covered here so costs will be significantly more than for the face. More sessions may also be needed to treat these areas.

Example session prices for laser hair removal on

Chest $350
Shoulders $250
Whole Back $500 to $1000 depending on the density of hair
Abdomen $300
Nipple area $80

Cost of Arm and Underarm Laser Hair Removal

For removing hair from the arms you will probably need about 4 sessions and for the underarm 6 each spaced about 2 to 3 months apart.

Typical laser hair removal prices are

Armpits (underarms) $150
Full arms $300
Lower arms $170

Cost for Leg laser hair removal

The legs are the largest area to be treated with a correspondingly high price for treatment and the amount of hair in this area varies enormously. Remember that you will need several sessions (about 4 spaced 2 to 4 months apart)

Typical prices for session for laser treatment on

Whole legs $500
Lower or upper legs $230 to $280

Cost of Laser Hair Removal on Lower Body and Bikini Line

Laser hair removal is available for some very intimate parts of the body. As these are particularly sensitive when removing hair by waxing and so on and are often too awkward to shave laser treatment can be a good option (if you can bear the expense). Four sessions will probably be needed.

Typical prices for a session are :

bikini line $150
Brazilian (removal all pubic hair) $250
buttocks $250

Is the cost of laser hair removal worth it?

It's something you must weigh up for yourself taking into account that it is unlikely to mean permanent hair removal (though you will probably experience permanent hair reduction) and you will need follow up sessions. For some people it is worth the price simply to have the problem solved even temporarily with a few short visits to the laser hair removal clinic, but it really does depend on your budget. If you can only just afford the treatment you may be sadly disappointed to find that you need follow up sessions after the initial package of treatments is complete. Make sure you ask for the cost of these in your initial consultation if it is a consideration for you.

On the other hand if you use laser hair removal instead of waxing or electrolysis you may find that in the end your total investment is less over the course of time. This is difficult to predict in advance but it is one factor to think about when considering the cost of laser treatment.

Why is laser hair removal so expensive?

Laser hair removal systems cost around $40,000 with a high maintenance bill each year. Plus each operator needs to be fully trained and most are practising medical professionals.

Low cost or Discount Laser Hair Removal

Beware of laser hair removal clinics which push you to buy a course of treatments based on price alone. This procedure can be harmful if not done correctly and you should chose a center you are happy with first and foremost. Some nationwide chains may offer a quality service at a lower cost so you can't always go by the price. But be aware that there are different types of laser treatments and that the cheaper options may not be suitable for you. For example, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment tends to be cheaper than other types of laser treatment but it is less effective on some skin and hair types so you need more treatments and will experience heavier regrowth. In any case a limited budget is an issue for most of us so do ask if there is a way to make treatment more affordable once you have chosen your hair removal clinic.

  • Ask about any special offers
  • Ask about discounts for paying upfront for a package of treatment
  • Ask if they have a scheme where you can refer others to get a discount. Maybe a friend would be interested.

And if you can't pay for everything up front check about financing your laser hair removal treatment. In many cases however you will find that the typical cost of financing your treatments through the clinic may be higher than a normal bank loan.

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