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Dealing with Unwanted Underarm and Arm Hair

Unwanted Underarm and Arm Hair for Women

Almost all women have underarm hair from puberty onwards but most remove it when wearing clothes where the underarm area may be visible. (Just look at the fuss kicked up by Julia Roberts when she dared to sport hairy underarms in her evening dress on the red carpet).

The easiest way to deal with underarm hair for women is to shave the area either in the shower with a simple disposable safety razor or to use a lady shave. This has to be done regularly to prevent regrowth as the hair will grow in quite stubbly and quickly too - generally within a day or so.

You can also use depilatory creams but as the armpit area is quite sensitive you need to follow directions carefully and do a patch test if advised. Regrowth will be slightly slower with a depilatory cream than for shaving.

Electrolysis can be painful for the underarm area and difficult to treat because underarm hairs are particularly coarse. Although waxing is painful in the armpit area, hair growth seems to get finer and easier to wax over time. And waxing has the advantage of leaving the underarm hair free for up to a few weeks at a time. Visit a salon to have underarm waxing performed rather than trying to do it yourself at least the first few times. There's nothing worse than sitting there knowing the wax strip has to come off and not being brave enough to do it. Laser treatment for the underarms is an option although maintenance treatments will continue to be needed to keep underams hair free and this treatment is expensive.

Normally the hair on ladies arms is quite fine but sometimes a thicker and darker growth can occur which can be upsetting. This can be dealt with by bleaching to help disguise the hair and make the tone nearer to your skin tone or you could try waxing or depilatory cream. Regrowth is quite problematic in this area as it is more visible than for other parts of the body especially if you wear short sleeves so you need to repeat the treatment regularly as stubbly regrowth is not attractive.

If you have the funds you could try laser hair removal or electrolysis but it will take many expensive treatments for any kind of permanent hair removal or reduction to take effect in this large area.

Underarm and Arm Hair in Men

As it is seen as quite acceptable for males to have hairy underarms and arms, men usually leave this area alone.

If underarm hair is unruly this might by "tidied up" by trimming with scissors if the underarms are going to be exposed for any reason - for example for swimming or wearing sleeveless tops.

For male models or body builders, hair free arms may be required for aesthetic reasons - the best way to achieve this quickly (giving time for redness to subside) is through waxing.

If a more permanent reduction in hair growth is required and funds are not an issue, laser treatment may be a good option for unwanted hair in these areas as this will leave the body hair free for potentially some weeks or months at a time. Maintenance treatments will be required however even after completion of a course of treatment.

If permanent hair removal is required then this will involve long costly sessions with an electrologist as excess hair has to be dealt with one hair at a time.