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Do Home Electrolysis Systems Really Work?

The idea of a home electrolysis system is very attractive. It is much cheaper to purchase a hair removal machine than it is to go for a course of electrolysis treatments at a salon. And you can carry out all the treatments in the privacy of your own home removing hair at your convenience.

But there are some major disadvantages.

The success of electrolysis relies on inserting a probe (short needle) into the right place to find each hair follicle and deactivate it. It takes training and experience to be able to achieve this with any degree of accuracy and even a trained operator can't hit the mark 100% of the time.

Home electrolysis machines often don't even try to perform true electrolysis - most have no probe and these will not have any lasting effect at all on hair follicles. Those which do have a probe (which you need to insert into each individual hair follicle without piercing the skin) can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. You might very well end up with sore skin and scarring and still not have any lasting effect on your unwanted hair.

Even if successful with these home electrolysis machines you must weigh up the risks you are taking and all the additional time it will take you to remove hair yourself over the amount of work a trained operator can do on your excess hair in the same amount of time. Removing even a small amount of hair will take a huge amount of time and dedication.

For me, the disadvantages, the warnings and the dissatisfied users posting all over the internet about various systems far outnumber the potential benefits so I would not recommend that you use a home electrolysis system.

Medical authorities in a number of countries including the British Medical Association in the UK have advised against purchasing home electrolysis machines and recommend that you always go to a specialist salon where trained electrologists will give you the results you are looking for.

Now I am not saying that no one has ever been successful with an electrolysis machine at home and I did read about someone who felt it was the only option living far from the nearest town and with financial challenges to cope with too. So it really is up to you to decide. If you are determined and want to try this out, and you have enough perseverance to overcome any challenges to make it work, then you might want to consider the only machine with a probe I know of on the market - the One Touch Electrolysis system. Of course, eventually other probe based home electrolysis machines might be produced but I believe that is the only machine designed for home use available right now.

If you are considering buying One Touch do not think about it as an easy solution to your unwanted hair problems. You must be prepared to follow instructions to the letter and painstakingly treat every hair.

Other products which offer home electrolysis without the probe will have no lasting effect at all. For example there are home electrolysis systems which consist of electric tweezers which hold the hair as a current is passed down the hair shaft. Unfortunately they will have no more noticeable an effect as a hair remover than normal tweezers but they will soak up your time and increase your frustration. Always check which system the machine you are thinking of buying uses and be wary of claims that these appliances permanently remove or reduce unwanted hair because in many cases they have not been scientifically tested by independent bodies.

Other home electrolysis products available on the market are:-

Remember to do some research and look for independent reviews before purchasing any machine which claims to remove unwanted hair permanently.

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