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Ear and Nose Hair Removal

As you get older the tiny little hairs that you have growing inside your ears and nose that have a role in keeping dust and dirt out of your system, suddenly seem to get out of control and sprout out of your nostrils and ears. This is more of a problem for men but sometimes women experience it too. It's not a pretty sight and you do need to take care of this unwanted hair if you want to look well groomed. No one really knows why this happens but there is a theory that the hair follicles in these areas suddenly become more receptive to testosterone in middle age and this sparks off a growth phase. It's just unfortunate that the hairs on the head don't react in the same way but that's life!

Luckily there are a number of ways you can control the hair, although not every standard hair removal method is feasible for these important little places. Wherever there is a problem though there is a solution and there is no need to live with visible ear and nose hair at all. Plus the solutions are cheap and quick for once!

In the following pages you will find everything you need to know to become well groomed and looking good again. You just don't need any of those little signs that you are aging showing up to everyone you meet, so take care of them.

Ear Hair Removal For Men

This info is aimed at men as it is fairly rare for women to suffer the same kind of problem growth of hair from the ears but if you happen to be a lady with a problem, the advice here will help you just as well. Here, you will discover all the methods of hair removal for the ears and recommendations for the best ways to remove ear hair.

Nose Hair Removal For Men and Women

Looking at removing hair from the nose, this time and with some specific advice for women. Two recommended methods of nose hair removal and a whole series of things you absolutely should not do to get rid of nose hair.

How to Use Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers

One of the most practical solutions for removing hair is to use nose and ear hair trimmers. These personal grooming tools will have you looking good in no time. If you're not sure what they are and how to use them, the advice here will help you understand the whole process.