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Epilators or Epilation Devices

Epilators are small electrical devices about the size and shape of a lady shaver. Instead of a razor they have a mechanism using either multiple tweezers or rotating disks for removing hairs from the root.

You move the head of the epilator over your skin and it traps the hair (usually several hairs at once) and pulls it from the skin. Few of the ads talk about the pain involved in using them, but many find epilators too painful to use.

It's unfortunate because the pain is really no worse than waxing but when you are wielding the device yourself rather than being in the hands of the therapist at the beauty salon it's all too easy to stop and say you can't bear the pain!

The newest epilators have pain reduction built in. For example, there is one which uses ice to cool the area as epilation takes place and another uses massage.

Actually I have used these epilator devices as the sole method of hair removal on my legs for over 10 years and have no problem with pain at all. I think that the hairs get finer and easier to pull after a while and you get used to the whole process. I find the process easy to do - there's no mess and legs are done in 15 minutes without the expense and inconvenience of trips to the salon. You are in control of when you want fuzz-free legs.

Hair grows back within 2 to 4 weeks but regrowth is finer than with shaving and is similar to waxing.

I find that I usually get small red bumps all over my skin where the hair has been pulled. You can soothe these with a mild lotion and they usually disappear with a few hours. But for that reason it's best to epilate in the evening if your legs are going to be on display the next day. You should also exfoliate regularly to avoid problems with ingrown hairs.

Advantages of Using an Epilator

  • inexpensive hair remover once you have bought the machine ($40 - $120) - no more paying for hair removal on the areas you use it until the machine dies
  • convenient to remove hair at home
  • no mess
  • good for large areas of unwanted hair especially the legs or arms
  • slow regrowth
  • hair seems to weaken over time

Disadvantages of Epilation Devices

  • expensive if you buy the machine and then don't use it!
  • painful to use especially for some sensitive areas where you may have excess hair
  • you need some regrowth to allow the epilator to grip the hair
  • difficult to use in some areas
  • skin bumps and redness
  • may get problems with ingrown hairs

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