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Essential Tips for Shaving Pubic Hair

Shaving is one of the easiest and quickest methods of dealing with unwanted pubic hair once you have become used to the procedure and more and more of us (male and female) are tidying up our "bikini line" in this way. It has even become a trend (at least for women) to remove pubic hair in a particular shape (such as a heart, start or butterfly - or as I saw recently a particular fashion house logo!) although this may a bit complicated if you are not familiar with shaving. (You can buy special hair remover stencils if you want to try later). To remove pubic hair by shaving you can either shave using a manual razor or use one of the new pubic hair trimmers and shavers which are designed especially for the task.

Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair Using a Manual Razor

  • Always use a new razor or blade to help prevent infection from shaving. If possible buy a razor specially designed for the area.
  • Sit in a chair with your feet up and legs wide apart.
  • Trim the area closely with a bikini line trimmer or small scissors first of all to make the job easier. It's easiest if you pull the hair up first before snipping with scissors. This helps you cut closer to the skin with less danger of nicking it.
  • Pubic hair will be softer and easier to shave if you take a bath or shower before shaving. Dry your skin and hair carefully before you begin.
  • Always use a shaving cream or gel on the area before removing hair with a manual razor. Avoid anything which is harshly perfumed and designed for a stubbly male beard. This area is much more sensitive than that. Test a small area first to ensure that you are not allergic to the cream. It's easiest if you use one of the clear gels so that you can see what you are doing. You could also use a thin layer of petroleum jelly to get a close shave and good visibility.
  • As you shave pull the skin taut to make it easier and shave in the direction of hair growth in two or three short strokes.
  • After shaving rinse the area in warm clean water and apply soothing perfume-free lotion such as aloe vera or baby oil after shaving to calm the skin.
  • Allow your skin to get used to shaving by leaving a few days to a week between hair removal sessions when you first start.
  • Some people are particularly sensitive in the pubic area and end up with razor bumps and rashes instead of their unwanted hair. If your skin reacts in this way you may be best to avoid shaving and just trim your pubic hair close to the skin for a neat look or try waxing to see if your skin reacts better to that.
  • To reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation, keep the skin clean after shaving to prevent infection and gently exfoliate outer areas once the skin has settled down. It also helps to wear loose cotton underwear.

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