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Facial Hair Removal Products for Use at Home

Unwanted hair on the face is particularly upsetting because it is so visible. It's important to find a facial hair removal product you can trust to deal with your facial hair in way that leaves you confident about looking the world in the eye. Although you can shave off the hair you definitely don't want to be facing the world with regrowth, stubble and a five o' clock shadow. The finer the regrowth and the longer the treatment lasts the better.

Whatever facial hair removal product you choose ensure that it states that it is suitable for use on the face. The face is a very sensitive area so you need something which is suitable for sensitive skin and typical formulations will be different for the face.

You will find the following products readily available

  • Facial hair remover depilatory cream - This will remove facial hair quickly and without fuss but you have to repeat the (rather messy) treatment frequently.
  • Facial waxing kit - Once you get the hang of waxing you can easily deal with unwanted hair in your own home although you do have to have visible regrowth before the wax will adhere to the hair. See Facial Waxing Basics : How to wax your face, chin and upper lip if you decide to go the DIY waxing route.
  • Facial cold wax strips - Wax strips are easier to handle. you simply peel off the back and press a strip onto the area to be treated, wait a few seconds and pull off the strip. These are handy for use when travelling and for removing hair from small areas of the face in a hurry. If any hairs are missed you can easily redo part of your face without fuss.
  • Precision tweezers for plucking hair - a pair of good tweezers is a must for tidying up brows, removing a uni brow and dealing with stray hairs or even larger areas of excess hair on the face. You can quickly pluck hairs from any particular area and grasp much shorter hairs than you can deal with if you wax.
  • Facial bleaching kit - If hair is fine you can bleach your facial hair with a home bleaching kit to make it less visible. You will need to redo this regularly to keep up with regrowth. If hair is coarser however, it will remain quite obvious.

All of these facial hair remover products will provide a temporary solution to the problem of excess facial hair, but they do have to be repeated regularly.

There are also a number of products which promise a permanent or semi-permanent solution to facial hair removal. These include

  • Home Laser Hair Removal machines
  • Electric Tweezer type machines
  • Home electrolysis systems

Unfortunately very few of these products has been scientifically proven and results are generally far from satisfactory. The internet is full of stories from disappointed people who hoped that purchasing these machines would be the answer to facial hair problems for good. Although I don't recommend you do this, if you decide to buy one of these products, do make sure that you do your research first of all about what you might expect to achieve and look for reviews from independent sources.

To deal with a facial hair problem for once and for all you really need professional electrolysis or laser hair removal treatment which have been able to prove that they can lead to permanent reduction or removal of facial hair. Professional machines cost tens of thousands of dollars and the beauty therapists and technicians operating them require specialist training to ensure that the treatments they give are effective. You are unlikely to achieve this in your lounge with no training and a machine costing less than $1000.

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