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Facial Hair Removal

The face is the most distressing place for a woman to have unwanted hair. There is no hiding it away. And it is also the place which normally distinguishes the female face from the male so it is regarded by many as unfeminine. Although many men find a small amount of facial hair on a woman quite acceptable most women do not feel the same way and want to remove it.

  • Shaving is unsuitable (although many women resort to it) simply because the hair grows back with a harsh stubble effect. Also there is the danger of suffering a "5 o' clock shadow" because the hair grows back so quickly and most women do not relish the prospect of a daily shave.
  • Depilatory creams are available which are suitable for facial use. Regrowth is slightly slower than for shaving and a bit less stubbly. Be sure to choose a hair remover cream specially formulated for facial use and follow the instructions carefully, in particular by doing a patch test to avoid burning the skin.
  • Plucking is useful for individual hairs, for example if you have a few stray chin hairs and it is one of the best methods to keep eyebrows in shape but it can be sore and time consuming for larger areas of the face and can result in irritation and some discoloration for darker-skinned women.
  • Waxing using cold wax strips can be easily managed at home and most people do not find it too painful to handle small strips at a time for small areas of the face but you will have a degree of redness afterwards so it's not advisable to use wax just before you go out. It will take a few hours at best for your skin to settle down. You can also buy hot wax kits if you are waxing a larger area of your face but you may find these quite tricky to use. See Facial Waxing Basics : How to wax your face, chin and upper lip for more information.
  • Threading is an ancient art which orginated in the Middle east and India, now on offer at upmarket beauty salons. Find out more in the section on Facial Hair Threading
  • Though bleaching does not actually involve removing hair, it is a good way of disguising small amounts of fine dark hair on the face. A quick bleach every 2 to 3 weeks may be all you need to resolve your excess hair problem.
  • The newest form of treatment for facial hair is laser hair removal. It is costly and results are not permanent although you may experience some permanent reduction in hair growth. A laser hair removal treatment for the upper lip costs around $100 and up to six treatments may be needed for the initial course with maintenance treatments thereafter. The treatment is slightly painful and will leave your skin a little red and sore. It is a good choice for dealing with larger areas of facial hair if having regular electrolysis appointments would be inconvenient or too costly.
  • While there is a small risk of some scarring, electrolysis is generally the best method of dealing with excess hair on the face. Treatments may be quite painful (or you may just feel a little discomfort) and you will find that your skin is sore and red after each treatment. Several sessions will probably be needed over many months to permanently remove the hair but most people feel it is well worth it to have the problem resolved for good. See Permanent Facial Hair Removal: Electrolysis or Laser Treatment? for more information on the choice between having electrolysis on your face or laser hair removal.

Some treatments are more suitable for home use than others. If you would like to deal with your unwanted facial hair in the privacy of your own home see this article Facial Hair Removal Products for Use at Home.

And if you'd like to tame your eyebrows, find out more here How to deal with bushy eyebrows and unibrows

Facial Hair Removal for Men

For men, facial hair removal is generally no big deal and most men simply shave daily using a manual or electric razor if they prefer a smooth conservative look. Or they grow a beard and are able to easily stop it from becoming unkempt by giving it a regular trim with scissors or an electric trimmer.

Of course, shaped beards are quite fashionable these days and for that a visit to the barber might be required or the use of a specialist trimmer.

As men grow older, hair seems to sprout readily from nose and ears just as it is thinning on the scalp and this can be dealt with by trimming carefully with small scissors or by using an ear and nose trimmer.

The hairdresser will tidy up the neckline with each haircut so there is little problem with excess neck hair although some find that chest hair grows so profusely that it grows upwards towards the neck and this can be dealt with in the same way as chest hair.