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Facial Hair Threading

Women in the Middle east, India and other parts of Asia have been removing unwanted facial hair for hundreds of years using no more than simple cotton thread. It is ideal for the face as it removes the tiniest and finest hair from the root and it is less painful and quicker (once you know how) than tweezing. Although tricky to learn at home it can be done with practise or you can visit a salon or spa in a large city which offers this process.

If you learn to thread hair yourself, you can remove facial hair every couple of days and enjoy smooth skin continually especially as regrowth is finer than with other methods.

Young girls learn the method of removing hair from sideburns and upper lip at an early age in countries where hair threading is practised a lot so rest assured that you can learn to remove facial hair in this way too with a bit of patience.

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair with Threading

I found directions for this in a great article at India Parenting Step-by-step Threading and you can see pictures of this process there

1. Cut a length of strong cotton thread about 2 feet (60 cm) long. Make sure that the thread does not break easily.

2. Create a circle of thread by knotting the two ends together

3. Hold the thread taut in both hands and wind the loop around in the middle ten times. Hold the ends of the thread loop using the forefinger and thumb of each hand. The thread loop then looks like two triangles joined together by the wound portion in the middle.

4. Practise making each triangle smaller or larger by opening or closing the fingers of each hand. The wound part of the thread loop will move as you do this.

5. Once you can do this, try out threading hair using the hair on your leg which is easier than threading facial hair.

6. Run the wound portion of the thread over the hair, moving your fingers to trap the hair within the wound portion of the thread loop. Hair will be lifted out as the thread moves.

Although threading takes some practise it is well worth persevering if you want a quick and remarkably cheap way to remain hair free.

Although the process is great for eyebrows too you may not want to try doing this yourself unless it is to remove excess hair from between the brows. Getting the shape of eyebrows just right is best left to the professionals as mistakes can make you look decidedly odd until the eyebrows grow back. There are now a number of upmarket salons and spas now offering eyebrow threading and even some specialist threading salons in large cities.

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