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Hair Removal Methods

There's no shortage of hair removal products and treatments out there designed to tackle unwanted hair and remove it.

But unfortunately no one hair remover product or method is ideal for every person or for every part of the body.

And many of the claims made about permanent or painless hair removal are untrue or unproven to say the least.

Plus there is some confusion about what these products and methods are designed to do in terms of how they get rid of unwanted hair.

Some methods of removing excess hair tackle the problem at the level of the skin surface, removing just the visible part of each hair. They tend to be pain free as they don't involve pulling the hair out from where it is attached to the skin. This type of hair removal is known as DEPILATION and the main methods are shaving and the use of hair removal (or depilatory) creams. The main disadvantage of depilation is that hair grows back very quickly - within hours or days and you have to repeat the hair removal process frequently.

Other methods attempt to remove the entire hair including the root below the skin surface - with a corresponding increase in pain. This type of hair removal is known as EPILATION. The key methods used to remove hair by epilation are waxing, sugaring, epilation devices, lasers, intense pulsed light, plucking with tweezers and electrolysis. With this category of hair removal methods regrowth is much slower because hair has to regenerate from the root but of course the pain during the removal process is a major disadvantage. This is the category to choose however if you're looking for permanent hair removal or reduction.

There are advantages and (unfortunately) disadvantages to all hair removal methods. Most treatments (even those which claim permanent hair removal) have to be repeated over and over again, removing hair at the right stage of growth. This can cause disappointment and distress if you're expecting or hoping to remove hair for good by having an expensive one-off treatment.

Worse, some treatments may cause medical problems so it's important to discuss your choices with a medical professional. If possible choose a doctor supervised facility when selecting a hair removal salon and method and ensure in any case that any beauty therapists you use are properly qualified. If you can, choose your salon or treatment facility through personal recommendation.

If you choose a hair removal product for home use be sure and follow the directions exactly and take note of any warnings in the instructions.

Remember that not all the advertising claims are necessarily to be believed, especially those claiming to be pain free and permanent hair removal so treat these with caution and do a little research around your chosen product.

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