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Home Laser Hair Removal

Update 2009 :Since the article below on Home Laser Hair Removal was written a few years ago technology has advanced and some of the newer home systems have better reviews than we ever imagined a few years ago.

I still firmly believe that professional treatment in a salon is the best option if you have the budget to pay for and time to attend multiple sessions at a laser treatment center. But if you don't, newer machines like the Silk'n Home Laser System have now become a worthy alternative. (See the recent Silkn Home Laser System reviews on Amazon to make up your own mind about this).

(Original) Home Laser Hair Removal Article

There are now laser hair removal appliances for home use for sale by a number of manufacturers at low prices. With the cost of one professional laser hair removal treatment often being more than the purchase price of a machine for use in the home, you may be tempted to purchase one.

But are home hair removal appliances worth buying?

The lasers used in beauty salons and laser hair removal clinics are powerful precision instruments costing in the region of $30,000 to $40,000 dollars and they require very specialist training to operate. Maintenance of the machines alone costs in the region of $2000 to $5000 a year.

Even with professional laser hair removal treatment results are not always complete and permanent and you may only achieve a permanent reduction in the amount of unwanted hair growing in the treated area.

If the home laser hair removal machines costing less than $1000 were as effective (or even half as effective) at removing hair then they might seem like a good deal but any effect they have is weak. The instructions usually state that they only treat one hair at a time and this means going over your skin many times - impractical for large areas and with the risk of irritating your skin.

If you have plenty of time to go over each hair one by one then you have too much time to kill - better to get a second job and earn the money for professional laser or electrolysis treatment! The professionals will do the job more effectively and with less pain and risk.

A laser is a dangerous instrument in the wrong hands so you should be aware that you may do yourself harm by using these hair remover machines at home without getting the advice of a qualified therapist or medical practitioner. Home laser hair removal really amounts to ordering a piece of equipment to do surgery on yourself if you think about it. Users have reported holes in the skin, skin burns and scarring with some home machines - probably not the look you are after.

There are home laser hair removal machines available on auction sites and at discount stores, but I have not read many favorable reviews of any appliances so this is a case of doing your research before buying and ensuring that any reviews you see are from independent consumers who have used the devices to remove excess hair and not those selling the machines.

In summary, I do not recommend that you treat yourself with a home laser hair removal device. Please think twice and twice again before you even think about treating yourself with a laser.

One user who has had mixed experiences has written a whole series of articles on using the Epila hair removal system

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