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How Do You Care for Skin After Waxing Treatment?

Waxing can leave skin sensitive and sore so it's important to care for it well to ensure a speedy return to normal and keep it looking good - after all there's no point removing hair to improve your look if you're left with skin problems as a result of waxing instead of your excess hair.

When wax is removed from the skin, it takes dead skin cells away as well as hair which can mean that skin feels naturally quite smooth after treatment. But many also find that their skin is red, sore, covered in small red bumps and feeling very sensitive afterwards.

The redness and bumps usually disappear within a few hours unless you are particularly sensitive to the treatment or the wax. To guard against particular sensitivities it's important to do a patch test before proceeding to wax larger areas of unwanted hair.

In some cases, skin can appear darker after waxing. This is normally due to the effects of sun on the skin after waxing. Ensure that you don't allow the treated areas to be exposed to the sun for two days after waxing or wear a good sun-blocker on the area.

After body waxing, avoid tight-fitting clothes which might irritate the skin of the treated area. Loose, cotton clothes are best to keep skin cool and dry.

For all types of facial and body waxing, don't use harsh treatments on the treated area for a couple of days after removing hair, but once skin has settled down it is important to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs. Use a body buffer or loofa every day in the shower to gently exfoliate treated areas and use a gentle exfoliation treatment regularly on your face too.

Some beauty therapists swear by a product called Tend skin to help soothe the skin and reduce irritation after hair removal. It may sting a bit on first use but may be worth a try if waxing leaves you with sore irritated skin.

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