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How to Choose Between Home and Professional Waxing Treatment

Now that you can buy professional waxing kits and wax heaters for use in the home you may be thinking about whether it is best to continue or start professional waxing at a salon or to purchase a waxing machine and carry out the treatment yourself at home. Each of these waxing solutions have their advantages and disadvantages for hair removal in different circumstances.

Price of Waxing treatment

Home waxing will work out to be much less expensive as you can buy a wax kit for less than a single visit to the salon which will last you for several treatments. Many people find that they save a fortune with a home waxing machine over regular visits to the salon.


It's great to deal with your excess hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home at whatever time suits you with home waxing treatment. On the other hand with a professional treatment you just have to turn up. You don't have to purchase a kit, prepare the wax, get the temperature right, prepare an area for treatment (putting down protective towels etc) nor clear up afterwards.

Area of the Body to be Waxed

Some areas with unwanted hair, such as the legs, are reasonably easy to wax yourself. You can actually see, more or less, where you are removing hair. With other areas such as the bikini line, underarms or back, it's pretty difficult to apply wax yourself - you might end up in a sticky mess and still be hairy unless you are particularly good with mirrors and double jointed to boot. Eyebrows are almost impossible to wax yourself and get right. You really need to keep your eyes shut when applying wax anyway for safety reasons so eyebrow waxing is best left to the professionals.

Amount of Hair

If you just have a small area of sparse hair then it is easy to deal with yourself in 5 minutes using one of the cold wax kits available. There's no need to fuss with appointments and making a journey to the salon. But if you have a lot of coarse dense hair in a large area such as your legs and arms you might find it is more worthwhile getting your body waxed in one single appointment at the salon.

Rate of Regrowth

If your hair grows in fast you might find it easier to deal with hair removal yourself. With a home waxing kit you can have your treatment as soon as hair is long enough (about an eighth of an inch). If you have to wait for an appointment you could be quite hairy by the time the salon can deal with your regrowth and you might be tempted to use another hair remover method. Of course after a while you will be able to determine the speed of regrowth and when to book your next appointment to keep your skin as hair free as possible so this may not be an issue for long. But it does have cost implications should you need very frequent appointments.

Skill level

In general the professional beautician will remove your hair more quickly and less painfully than you can. If you are a novice waxer you may find yourself removing the wax strips hesitantly and this is so much painful than if you give one short sharp tug. The professional beautician will not dither about trying to pluck up courage as you might yourself. They will simply and matter of factly remove the strips. One quote I read about bikini waxing (which is particularly tricky to do yourself "Not too bad at the salon. When I did it myself (and not very thoroughly at that) I screamed for ages". If you're worried about pain best to leave it to the professionals at least the first few times.


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