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How to Choose a Home Waxing Kit

You'll find such a huge variety of home waxing kit available online and at the beauty counter that it can be quite difficult to choose. You do need to consider carefully how you will use the kit for best results. Think about:-

1. Which areas of the body will you be waxing?

If you are going to be waxing large areas then it is more practical to buy a warm wax kit which will give plenty of coverage for your money. Cold wax strips would probably work out to be quite expensive. Most hot wax systems have refills available too which also cuts down on the cost of removing hair. If however you are waxing a small area of your face then cold facial wax strips may be just what you need - easier to handle and one pack will give you enough for many applications.

2. How regularly will you use the home waxing kit?

If you will use a home waxing kit regularly it makes more sense to splash out for an appliance which heats the wax like a professional would use. If this may be a one off home waxing session, maybe because you are just trying it out it may be better to choose a kit which heats wax in the microwave or on the stove as this will be less expensive in terms of initial outlay.

3. Do you have a preference for sugar or normal hot waxing?

There is not that much difference in how normal wax and sugaring wax operate although some think that sugaring is less painful than waxing and removes finer hair. Sugaring wax tends to stick more to hair and less to the skin and is generally made with 100% natural ingredients so may be worth a try if you have sensitive skin. Sugar residue also washes off much more easily than wax although you can still sometimes end up with a sticky mess.

4. Will you use the kit at home or on vacation or other trip?

Some home waxing kits are more portable than others. It's much easier popping a few cold wax strips in your luggage than a whole waxing kit. Of course waxing your unwanted hair before you go should be enough in many cases to keep you hair free for your trip but it is useful to have a few of the cold wax strips in your beauty case "on standby".

5. How is the Wax applied?

Most home waxing machines are supplied with a spatula for applying the wax but a few of the kits work with a roll on to apply the wax. This is just a matter of preference. The idea of roll ons is that they will be less messy - all the professional beauty therpists I know always use a pot of wax and spatula though.

6. Is the kit by a brand you can trust?

You may have your favorite beauty brands you like and trust. Some brands specialize in hair removal too.

7. Price

Kits start from a few dollars rising to $100 or so for more professional looking equipment. Think about your budget and take into account ongoing spending too with the price of refills for your waxing kit and of additional cloth or cellophane strips. Remember though that you can spend quite a lot and still be saving a fortune by using a home waxing kit - just think how much you are saving by waxing your excess hair at home rather than paying for expensive appointments at the salon.

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