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How to Shave Your Legs

When you first start wanting to remove the hairs on your legs you will probably be thinking about shaving. But there is often no one to teach you how to shave your legs. It's something that we end up getting right through trial and error.

It's true that shaving is one of the quickest and cheapest methods for dealing with unwanted hair on legs but it is not without its pitfalls. If you don't shave with care then you might end up with cuts, nicks and razor burn and that can be quite painful and unsightly so make sure that you take care and go slowly especially when you are a beginner at removing hair in this way.

  • Wet shaving using a manual razor will give you the best results. You can use an electric shaver on dry skin but you will generally not get such a close shave and legs will feel stubbly more quickly.
  • Wet shaving can be quite messy so you are probably best to do it in the bath or shower. This also ensures that hair is softer and easier to shave. Allow 3 or 4 minutes for the warm water to soften up the hair. You can either lather your legs well with soap or use shaving foam or gel but you do need to use something to ensure that the razor glides smoothly over your skin. Attempting to shave your legs without it is asking for trouble.
  • Always use a new blade or disposable razor every time you shave your legs as you are more likely to cut yourself if the blade is dull. A ladies razor will probably work better for legs than a man's razor which is designed for cutting through a tough beard.
  • Lather one leg at a time and starting just above the ankle shave towards the knee in short light strokes of just an inch or two at a time. If you apply too much pressure you will risk cutting yourself or suffering from razor burn, so go as gently as you can - just enough pressure to cut through the hair and no more. Aim to glide the razor over the skin rather than pressing down.
  • Rinse the hair from the razor every stroke or two to leave a sharp edge and the razor wet.
  • Once you have shaved one strip from ankle to knee, start again at your ankle with another strip until the whole leg is done. Rinse off the soap and then lather up the other leg and start that one.
  • If you want to shave around your knees and ankles be very careful, because the skin is very close to the bone there and it is easy to cut yourself. Go very gently and use short light strokes. A razor with a pivoting head might also help you follow the contours of your legs better too. If you do cut yourself slightly, hold tissue against the wound to stop the bleeding.
  • After rinsing, pat the skin dry with a soft towel and apply moisturizing lotion.

Additional Tips for Shaving Legs

  • If you tend to suffer from razor bumps you may find it better to shave in the direction of hair growth (from knee to ankle). This will not give you such a smooth result but may be better than suffering this irritating condition.
  • You may find that legs are smoother and you avoid ingrown hairs if you exfoliate to remove any dry skin before shaving with a body buffer or gentle scrub lotion.
  • Some people swear by using body oil or hair conditioner in place of shaving foam.
  • Use one of the clear shaving gels if you struggle with seeing what you are doing with a standard white shaving foam or soapy lather.
  • If you can stand it, rinse your legs in cold water after shaving to close your pores and minimize irritation.

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