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How to Use an Epilator

Each epilator will have full instructions and you should follow these carefully when removing hair but I thought it would be useful to give some general tips here for those of you who have not taken the plunge and are yet to buy an epilator.

1. Try a non-sensitive area first

When you first use an epilator be sure and try it out on an area of skin which is not too sensitive and which has a light growth of hair until you get used to the sensation of epilation.

2. Bathe first

If you use your epilator after a bath or shower it will be easier to remove hair as your pores will be open. Make sure you thoroughly dry your skin first though as epilation does not work well on wet skin. Your skin should be clean and free of grease or lotion too.

3. Slowly Does It

Turn on the epilator and move the head slowly over your skin, using one hand to move the epilator and the other to hold the skin taut. You should make sure the epilator head is in contact with the skin but you don't normally have to exert too much pressure. With some epilators you move the head in small circles. With others you just pass the head over the skin. Your unwanted hair will be trapped in the head of the device and pulled out as you move it. Some models have different speeds. Use the slowest speed until you get used to the sensation of removing hair in this way.

4. Evening is Best

You will normally find that you have red blotches and bumps after the hair removal process so it's best to use your epilator in the evening just before bedtime. The irritation will normally disappear overnight. Skin irritation is worse the first few times you use an epilation device. But your skin grows accustomed to the process and you will have fewer problems the more you use the device.

5. Soothe Your Skin

After epilation, apply a mild body lotion to soothe irritated skin.

6. Exfoliate

Once skin has calmed down, be sure to exfoliate the treated area daily with a loofa or body buffer to prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are common to many hair remover methods where hair is pulled from the skin and exfoliation and cleanliness are key to reducing these problems.

7. Choose the Right Epilator

You can get more information in the article below about what to look out for. But if you want the one I chose it was the Philips Norelco Satinelle Soft Epilator & Lady Shaver HP 6409 after years with an original Epilady and I've been very pleased with my choice.


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