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Facial hair : How to deal with bushy eyebrows and unibrows

Taming Eyebrows for Women

Eyebrows give your face a lot of character but it can also be a problem if they are overly big and bushy or they grow together in one big brow (a so-called monobrow or unibrow). Taming your bows will help you look more groomed and draw attention to your eyes.

If you have a lot of excess eyebrow hair or you want to create a better eyebrow shape then consider a professional salon visit. It's difficult (though not impossible) to create the perfect arch (and have the eyebrows matching) while plucking your own eyebrows.

Beauty therapists generally offer three services to deal with unruly eyebrows:-

Plucking - therapists will use professional tweezers and a lighted magnifying glass to pull out the right hairs. They are better able to ensure that you get an even perfect shape than you can yourself by tweezing at home.

Eyebrow waxing - when I went for an "eyebrow shaping" treatment at my local beauty salon, this is the treatment which the therapist advised. It is a quick method of taming your brows. The therapist paints the perfect shape with the wax and there are only a few stray hairs to remove with tweezers after that. I loved my instant perfectly arched eyebrows and have been able to keep them in shape ever since by tweezing out stray hairs as they grow in.

Eyebrow threading - some upmarket spas and beauty salons are starting to offer this service which has only been available in ethnic communities up to now. The method uses twists of thread to trap hair and pull it from the root. It is a quicker way of removing eyebrow hair than tweezing and even very short fine hairs are removed leaving brows looking very tidy.

Each of these methods of tidying up brow hair can be done at home if you take care but tweezing or plucking is the only method that is really manageable by yourself. With eyebrow waxing you have to be so careful not to get the hot wax into your eyes and you really need a friend to help so that you can keep your eyes shut and the eyebrow stencils which are available to get a good shape are tricky to use with the hot wax. Threading is fine if you are well practised in the art but if you are clumsy it's difficult to get a good shape.

Taming brows for men

Usually for men it is just a case of tidying up the natural shape of the eyebrows rather than shaping the perfect arch. Sometimes eyebrows become quite bushy and unruly and eyebrow hairs can grow quite long especially as you get older. The best solution is to trim the eyebrows carefully with small scissors or ask your barber to do this when you have your hair cut.

If you have hair growing between the brows (or a real monobrow / unibrow) you can remove this by tweezing or waxing, at home or in a salon. You will probably find that you can manage to remove this eyebrow hair quite easily with a combination of cold wax strips (safer around the eye area) and plucking with tweezers.

These days all of the treatments open to women are available to men too so don't be shy about visiting a beauty salon - no one will raise an eyebrow (!) if you ask about eyebrow waxing, threading or shaping.

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