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Is Electrolysis a Permanent Hair Removal Method?

Professional electrolysis, unlike other hair removal methods, has stood the test of time having been used for over a hundred years to remove unwanted hair. There is conclusive evidence and widespread acceptance by scientists and physicians that it is the only method of hair removal to have a permanent effect and there are hundreds of articles testifying to the permanency of the treatment in learned scientific journals.

So the medical and scientific community are happy to endorse electrolysis as a permanent method of hair removal but what about people who have experienced electrolysis first hand?

There are over a million people (and the figure is constantly rising) who are happy with the results of electrolysis and have removed their problem with unwanted hair in the area treated.

I count myself among those people as I had electrolysis treatment on my upper lip over 20 years ago and have had no regrowth in the treated hair there ever since.

The scientific community have never agreed to state that any other method will permanently remove excess hair. Although there is cause to agree that laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in hair growth, it is only a reduction and maintenance treatments are required to deal with regrowth on an ongoing basis.

If you want permanent removal of hair, it has to be electrolysis and electrolysis in the hands of a competent electrologist.

Don't forget however that you will not get rid of your unwanted hair in a single treatment - it takes a whole series of treatments to achieve permanent hair removal. Although some hairs will be permanently removed at the very first treatment any hairs which were not in the active growing phase when treated will simply regenerate. The number of electrolysis sessions you will need and the time required for each session will vary depending on the type and amount of hair you would like removed and on the skill and experience of the electrologist.

I have seen some figures which state that about 7% of people don't respond to electrolysis and that hair is not permanently removed for these people, but it is effective for the vast majority. You will only know if it works for you by trying electrolysis and it will soon become evident whether it is a permanent hair removal solution for you.

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