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Is an Epilator Too Painful to Use?

Many people give up with an epilator at the first attempt but the fact is the first attempt is the most painful it will ever be. Your skin gradually gets used to the sensation and although it never will be fun pulling hairs out by the roots you do become much less sensitive. The sensation becomes more of a discomfort than a grit-your-teeth pain. In fact, there are no hair remover methods which remove hair from the roots without pain. You either have the pain of removal or the pain of fast regrowth to contend with and this is one of the easiest do-it-yourself methods for getting rid of excess hair.

To make the epilation process easier in the beginning

1. take a warm bath or shower, then dry off thoroughly and keep warm so that your pores are open before using the epilator
2. practise using the device on a less sensitive area with sparse and fine hair first of all so that you can get used to the process and the sensation of removing hair in this way
3. pull the skin taut as you go over an area so that hairs are more easily pulled out
4. work on a small area of the skin at a time taking out all the hairs in that small area before moving onto the next. The satisfaction of seeing one area at a time become free of unwanted hair will help you get over the discomfort!
5. an over the counter pain relief medication may help dull the pain a little but it really isn't necessary

To make hair removal even easier choose an epilator with a built in pain reduction mechanism. Some epilators use ice as a cooling mechanism and others have a massage unit. If you don't have one of these firmly rub the area with your hand immediately after epilation to reduce irritation or apply a cold compress. I chose the Philips Norelco Satinelle Soft Epilator & Lady Shaver HP 6409 when my old Epilady machine broke down and it really makes a difference.

But if you have an epilator lying in the back of the drawer, why not dust it off and give it another chance? It is a wonderful way of keeping your legs hair free without any hassle of organising waxing sessions at the beauty salon and you will save yourself a fortune.

If you make up your mind to persevere with your epilator you will not regret it as you can have smooth legs, free of unwanted hair whenever you want. You just have to get used to using it.

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