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Laser Hair Removal : What to Expect Before Treatment

Before your first laser hair removal appointment you need to

1. Carefully select your treatment clinic

Choose a professional treatment center which you feel you can trust and which uses high end state of the art laser equipment suitable for your skin type and qualified medical professionals and/or therapists. Be sure to choose on the quality of care and service and not go by price alone.

2. Have an initial consultation

Any reputable clinic will meet with you before your first appointment to discuss your hair removal treatment. This first session is often free but beware of any pressured selling that goes on during the visit. This should ring alarm bells. Reputable clinics do not pressure you into making a decision to go ahead with laser treatment.

The session should involve a discussion of your medical history and any medications you are taking. This should include questions about ovarian or thyroid disease, any abnormal scarring you have experienced or cold sore (herpes simplex) outbreaks in the treatment area as well as any isotretinoin use in the past.

You should be told about the risks involved and the benefits and you should be given plenty of information about the procedure, about laser hair removal in general and about results that you might expect including the need for maintenance sessions.

There will be some discussion too about the length, frequency and cost of treatment for your particular case. This can only be determined once the specialist has made a full assessment of the area to undergo laser hair removal treatment including your skin type, hair and skin color, thickness of hair, tattoos and moles in the area with excess hair as well as previous hair removal methods used.

Some hair removal clinics take photographs of the area to be treated so that your progress can be assessed before and after each session and reviewed over the period of your treatment.

3. Prepare the area to be treated for laser hair removal

If you have a tan (including a tan from a bottle), you should allow it to fade before treatment, avoiding exposure to the sun or fake tanning products for about 4 to 6 weeks before undergoing laser hair removal. This is because the greater the contrast between the hair and skin the better the treatment works. Darker skin has more chance of burning as laser technology aims to target darker pigments in hair leaving lighter skin unscathed.

Laser hair removal is most effective on very short but visible hair. You will probably be advised to shave the area with unwanted hair a day or two before treatment to allow short stubble to grow. You should also avoid removing hair by waxing, plucking or electrolysis (or any treatment which removes hair from the root) four to six weeks before treatment to ensure that hair has grown in sufficiently to treat. Depilatory creams are fine up to a few days before treatment as long as hair will have grown in before treatment.

Sometimes an antiviral medication may be prescribed to start the day prior to treatment to reduce the possibility of developing a herpes simplex infection in the treatment area and an oral antibiotic may be prescribed if the nasal or perianal skin is to be treated.

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