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Is Laser Hair Removal the Ultimate Permanent Solution for Unwanted Leg Hair?

I'm really quite happy with my chosen method of keeping my legs smooth and hair-free but still, I remember being pretty interested when laser hair removal was first advertised because I thought it would release me from even the 10 minutes it takes me for leg hair removal each week. Luckily I didn't have the money at the time and I stuck with my usual solution for removing hair. (See 10 Minutes A Week: Smooth Hair-Free Legs All Year Round for details)

The truth is lasers do not remove hair permanently - at least not all hair. They have been tested to show that hair is permanently reduced but it is very likely that some hair will grow back and you will need maintenance sessions.

Now that is not my idea of fun shelling out hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) for an initial course and then hundreds more every few months forever more on maintenance. Not to mention the hassle of making appointments at the hair removal clinic and the discomfort of the treatments themselves.

However, if you can afford the course of hair removal treatment on your legs and the regular maintenance sessions then it's quite a good way of getting rid of leg hair problems for long periods at a time and it is less painful than waxing.

The cost of laser leg hair removal varies widely. You will generally pay a few hundred dollars for a single session to treat your legs from knee to ankle or thigh to knee and about $500 for your whole leg. Remember you will need a course of sessions initially to get rid of your unwanted hair and then follow up appointments. Be sure and understand what you are getting into financially before you go ahead.

The best way to find a good laser hair removal clinic is to go by personal recommendation. Do you know anyone who is already having treatment on their legs already and is pleased with the results? If not, shop around a little bit - not just on the price of the treatment but on the whole service and professionalism of the clinic. Make a few appointments with different laser treatment centers to discuss your requirements and then take your time to decide. Treat your leg hair removal treatment as if you were having cosmetic surgery - you are, in a way! Find someone who you trust to carry out the treatment well and where you believe after care will be first class.

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