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Laser Pubic Hair Removal: A solution for your Bikini Line?

One solution for dealing with excess hair around the bikini line or removing hair altogether for a fresh clean feeling is to use laser pubic hair removal. This is perfectly feasible and practical for the bikini area and one of the most requested laser treatments.

Although most deal with the problem of unwanted body hair by waxing and shaving, both are quite tricky in the pubic region and waxing is partuculrly painful in that sensitive area. With shaving you have to contend with rapid regrowth and both shaving and waxing might leave your skin with red bumps and ingrown hairs. Depilatory hair remover creams are often used too however these are messy and should not be used on some sensitive inner areas where you might like to remove unwanted hair.

Laser salons offer both normal bikini line hair removal and full Brazilian (where all the hair in the pubic region back and front is removed with the possible exception of a small "landing strip" in front).

As the pubic area is quite small it is one of the fastest areas of the body to treat and so relatively inexpensive compared to larger areas and the laser has enormous advantages in treating areas tricky to reach by other hair removal methods. It can go anywhere down there!

Laser treatment on the bikini line takes around 10 to 15 minutes and about 30 minutes for a full Brazilian and is much less painful than waxing. You can keep or remove as much hair as you wish and some salons also provide shaping although you may want to think twice about removing hair and leaving a shape which could be a permanent feature. You will normally require 4 to 8 sessions to become fully smooth but ongoing maintenance treatments may be necessary as lasers offer only permanent hair reduction rather than removal.

Having said that, the main problem with laser hair removal in other areas of the body is that it tends to "miss" hairs at a deep level as the laser is limited to how deep it can penetrate the skin without losing energy. As pubic hairs tend to grow at a relatively shallow level, laser hair removal in this area tends to be more successful than in some other areas. You will normally see a reduction in hair of about 30 to 60% after a course of treatments with remaining hairs being lighter and thinner.

Each laser treatment session costs around $250 so you do have to have a fairly large budget to consider laser pubic hair removal but waxing which will need many more ongoing treatments works out more expensive (at about $60 to 100 a time) in the end if you are considering removing pubic hair on an ongoing basis.

Laser hair removal treatment in the bikini area is suitable for all but those with blond, gray and red hair there as these hair colors do not respond well to laser treatment. (The laser targets the pigment in dark hair). Men and women are suitable candidates although more women than men are having the procedure.

If you decide to choose laser hair removal for your bikini area make sure that you go to a clinic and practitioner experienced in the procedure in that area of the body. You can find out before your initial pre-treatment consultation when considering which clinics to approach. Be sure that you are happy with the clinic and the potential results of your treatment before you agree to proceed.

Pubic laser hair removal has no more known risks than for other regions of the body and has proven to be safer than electrolysis for that area. It is still a little painful (though less painful than waxing) feeling like pinging elastic bands or a small sharp stinging sensation. Many centers offer a topical anaesthetic as a result which is rubbed onto the skin before you begin and laser machines usually have a cooling device which helps reduce discomfort. You can also take an over the counter painkiller an hour or so before treatment.

Side effects are generally few - with a little redness and irritation for a few hours up to a day or so after treatment and the risk of some discoloration in particular if you have darker skin. Speak to the clinic about risks associated with the treatment in your particular case.

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