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Leg hair removal

Leg Hair Removal for Women

In the West, Australia and Asia leg hair on women is seen as unattractive and unfeminine and therefore most women (especially younger women) remove it. Those who are happy to live with hairy legs, refrain from hair removal generally due to laziness, because they don't care about their appearance or conforming to the norm or because they are revolting against leg hair removal as part of the feminist or natural movement.

leg hair removal

Most women start off by shaving their legs as teenagers and many use no other method of getting rid of unwanted leg hair. Depending on the amount of hair, either the part of the leg from knee to ankle is shaved or the whole leg.

Unfortunately the hair grows back very quickly so the process has to be repeated frequently, probably every day or so for completely smooth legs. The tendency with shaving is to let it slide when you think legs are not going to be exposed.

Legs are most easily shaved in the bath or shower using some kind of soap or shaving cream so that the razor glides over the skin and razor burn can be avoided.

You can also use an electric razor - although it's not so easy to obtain a smooth finish.

Depilatory creams can be used for removing hair on the legs too but it would take a large amount of cream to cover the whole leg surface and as this messy procedure would need to be repeated every few days it's really not that practical as a hair remover.

The second most popular choice for legs is waxing which is efficient for large areas and means that relatively smooth legs can be maintained for weeks at a time without additional effort.

This can be achieved by visiting a beauty salon regularly or you could invest in a home waxing kit. Generally this is the easiest area to practise home waxing on and (once you get the hang of it) being able to do this yourself cuts out a lot of time and expense of waxing.

Equally effective (though maybe a bit more painful until you get used to them) are the epilation devices (or epilators) that you can buy which are small machines about the size of an electric razor but which have rotating discs pulling the unwanted hair out from the roots. Recent models have inbuilt pain reduction (using a massage device or ice cold cooling mechanism) and this helps to reduce the discomfort.

Many of us love the idea of removing excess hair from our legs for once and for all with a permanent method of hair removal. Laser treatment can offer to reduce hair growth (at a price) but offers only a permanent reduction in excess hair at the most even after a full course of expensive treatment. For permanent removal electrolysis is the only solution - this would be both time consuming and costly for a large area like the legs.

Leg Hair Removal for Men

Most men leave leg hair well alone - it's seen as manly and acceptable - but it is quite common for leg hair to be removed by swimmers, cyclists, male models and body-builders.

Swimmers sometimes remove leg hair to help reduce friction in the water especially where tiny fractions of a second count in competition.

Cyclists like to remove the hair on their legs too because it helps them go faster with less wind resistance (or it feels like it does). Cycle shorts are designed to hug the skin closely so that sweat quickly evaporates. If legs are smooth, sweat does not get trapped between the hair on the legs and the shorts and evaporates more readily.

Of course for both these sports aesthetics and fitting in with fellow athletes count too and those are also the reasons why male models and body-builders remove leg hair. Muscle definition is clearer without leg hair and a better look achieved for competition or photographic work.

Leg hair is generally removed by shaving or waxing which are both suitable for large areas of the body. Shaving needs to be done frequently while the effects of waxing can last several weeks.

For a more long term solution laser hair removal or electrolysis may be used if time and cost are not an issue.

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