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Why is Male Body hair Removal becoming more Popular?

It is interesting that even though body hair is one of the traits which distinguish males from females male body hair removal has become more and more popular in recent years. You'd think that with all the hassle we females have with removing excess hair, men would be happy to leave us to it. But it's not the case, particularly among young men. Male hair removal even has its own term "manscaping" (from male landscaping) which is the practice of male grooming by removing body hair.

Men have many reasons for removing their body hair. First of all there's the whole look of a hair free body particular one which is lightly tanned and muscular. That is the look that is "sold" as desirable in the media and shines out from every male pin up and advert featuring an attractive guy. So men learn to believe that the smooth look is the one to strive for. And it has to be admitted that a six pack, pecs and bulging biceps do show up better without a hairy blanket covering. If a man has trained as a body builder and wishes to display his results at a contest then removing hair and smooth skin is an absolute must along with the body oil to show off those muscles.

It may also be that a man's partner (male or female) may prefer a smooth look in parts or all of the body - so he removes hair to please his partner and increase his sexual attractiveness. While hair has the biological purpose of transmitting human scent which is supposed to help with attracting mates, these days we prefer our partners not to smell too strongly. Removing hair helps sweat to evaporate more quickly and avoid getting trapped within the body hair and producing the pong none of us are too keen on.

And then men sometimes remove hair for particular sports such as swimming or cycling. It is a belief in these sports that body hair adds to the drag of the water or air as you move through them though it is not clear how much of any effect it has. Cyclists also remove leg hair so that cycle shorts fit more closely to the skin and allow sweat to evaporate more easily through the fabric and hairless legs are also better when they get into scrapes and the sticking plaster has to be pulled off - although that is not so much a factor if they get their legs waxed for obvious reasons. In these sports it is now seen as the norm to remove hair so it is almost a way to fit into the crowd to do this too.

It is up to each individual man how much hair is removed. Some remove none, others remove all of it. It's really a case of removing the amount which you have the time, money and patience for and which makes you feel your most attractive both immediately after removal and between treatments when you get the inevitable regrowth. Women of course learn what suits them in terms of dealing with unwanted hair from their teen years on and most men only turn to hair removal when fully grown but at least at that stage you can go into the whole hair removal scene fully informed about the various hair remover treatments and methods and maybe with a bit more cash to cope with the problem.

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