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My Experience with Epilators

I was introduced to epilators by a good friend who loved her Epilady epilator. She told me she had maintained smooth hair free legs for years without any mess or fuss. I was battling at the time with a home hot waxing kit and always managed to end up with messy sticky and (partly) still hairy legs. (Luckily these kits have since improved!)

I was sure that the pain couldn't be much different to waxing so I decided to buy an epilator and give it a go. I didn't worry about the different types of epilator available (This was about 15 years ago - I'm not sure if there was even more than one then).

Actually I did find the pain to be different - it's a feels more like quickly pulling hairs out one by one rather than the quick rip of a whole load of hair with waxing. But I didn't find it any worse either.

I started using it only on my shins and I noticed it helped reduce any pain quite a bit if I pulled the skin tight as I worked the head of the epilator over the skin. The hair was whisked away in no time. I then progressed to trying it on the back of my legs and quickly got used to that.

I have a reasonable amount of hair on my thighs but not enough to bother about except in shorts and skimpy swimwear but I decided to give the epilator a go there too. It was more painful than removing hair on my shins but I found that by concentrating on a small area of about an inch (2cm) in diameter at a time I could gradually get the whole leg done over a few days.

As for maintenance I quickly found that the epilator took away quite short hairs with no problem so after a while, instead of waiting for a substantial amount of regrowth I decided to use the epilator every week to get rid of unwanted hair before it even had a chance to become visible. A quick 10 minutes and I am always hair free from thigh to ankle (and it even snatches away the odd dark hair or two growing on my left big toe) - brilliant!

After a while I was well used to the sensation of using the epilator on my skin and it was no longer painful just a little uncomfortable. The hairs tend to come out more easily now and regrowth is finer and sparser.

If you can bear the early weeks of getting used to the machine I would recommend an epilator to everyone.

My first Epilady machine broke down after 14 years of weekly use - that's pretty good service from any electrical product and I treated myself to a new one last year. I deliberated about whether to choose a model with the ice cooling gadget but in the end I went for the Philips Norelco Satinelle Soft Epilator & Lady Shaver HP 6409 which has the massaging device and I must say I'm pleased - it feels even less of a chore to keep my legs smooth than eve (though I am amazed that massaging thing works so well).

I haven't ever used the epilator for areas other than my legs - I have other hair removal solutions I'm happy with for unwanted hair in other areas already and I thought it might be too painful to use in some places but one of these days I plan to try the epilator for removing hair under my arms too.

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