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Nose Hair Removal for Men and Women

Excess hair growing from your nose is unsightly and if you care about good grooming, it is a good idea to remove it. Removing nose hair is not a difficult or time sucking job so there is no need to live with the problem at all. In fact, there are several nose hair removal methods, and a couple that I recommend to speedily get rid of the problem.

The hairs growing in your nasal cavities actually serve a very good purpose. They filter dust and dirt particles from the air as you breathe in and help prevent these unwanted particles from entering your system. The worse the air quality in your area the more you need the little hairs in your nose! However, thick nose hair extending beyond your nostrils is a case of too much of a good thing, whether you live in permanent smog or fresh country air, because it serves no useful purpose.

Here are the RECOMMENDED methods you can use to remove nose hair.

1. Using a Nose Hair Trimmer

Mangroomer ear and nose hair trimmerThe best way to deal with excess hair growing from your nostrils is with an electric nose hair trimmer (also known as a nose hair clipper, nose hair remover or personal grooming tool) like the Mangroomer ear and nose hair trimmer pictured on the left. These are small battery operated devices with a rounded end. You insert the end just inside the rim of the nostril and the end rotates and exposes the nose hairs to a series of tiny safety blades which have a protective guard so they are able to safely trim the hair without damaging the nasal lining. It's really just a nose hair shaver. See the section below on "How to Use Nose Hair Trimmers" for more information on the process and the note on "Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews" for help with the best nose hair trimmer model to buy. You have to repeat the process of trimming your nose hair frequently but if you make it a standard part of your grooming routine you'll never be troubled with excess nose hair again.

2. Trimming Nose Hair with Scissors

Tweezerman nose hair scissorsAlthough you can trim nose hair with ordinary scissors, this is not recommended as it is too easy to damage the tender nasal lining with the sharp pointed ends of the scissors.

You can however buy special nose hair scissors which are specially made for the job and cost very little especially when you think about the damage you might do to yourself with a pair of sharp nail scissors. Nose hair scissor have small rounded ends which keep you safe, yet the sharp blades will trim the hair in no time.




Here are the methods you should AVOID (and why) when you're thinking about how to remove nose hair. All are appropriate for removing hair from OUTSIDE the nose but not the hair growing inside the nose.

1. Plucking Nose Hair

Pulling nose hair out with a pair of tweezers may seem like an easy thing to do to keep you hair free for a while but the inside of the nose is extremely sensitive and one of the most painful areas to pull hair out from. Also, because the skin is so thin there, you can easily make yourself bleed when tweezing the hair and this leaves an open wound which is very prone to infection from the bacteria that live naturally (and usually harmlessly) all the time in the nose. You may even damage your nose by trying to grasp a hold of hair inside it with tweezers, so all in all just avoid this. If you have hair growing on the outside of your nose however you can easily pluck that out and stay hair free for a few weeks.

2. Nose Hair Waxing

Don't even think about filling your nostrils with wax to pull hair out. You will never manage it for a start and if you could it would be extremely painful. As the inside of the nose is damp you would have difficult making wax adhere to the hair. Again if you have hair growing on your nose, there is no harm in waxing that either with a hot wax suitable for facial use or cold wax strips.

3. Laser Hair Removal For the Nose

This sounds like a good way of achieving permanent nose hair removal and a laser could be used to remove the hair from your nose but no reputable clinic will do this work. This is because the nasal lining could be scarred or burnt by the process and your health would be adversely affected as a result. In any case you want all the little hairs that serve the useful purpose of keeping pollution out of your system to remain and a laser would get rid of them all indiscriminately. Laser hair removal on the nose is feasible and achievable however, just not nostril hair removal.

4. Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves inserting a fine needle or probe into the hair follicle and zapping it with an electric current. Hairs are treated individually and once they are treated in the right way and at the right stage of growth the hair never grows again. The problem with working on the inside of the nose is that it is so sensitive and this would be painful in the extreme plus pricking the thin nasal membrane may cause infection. A professional is unlikely to undertake this work and you definitely do not want to try this at home! Again, outside the nose, no problem. Inside the nose, big problem.

5.Nose Hair Removal Cream

There are no depilatory creams on sale for noses and that is because the chemicals in these creams are too harsh for inside the nose. Even if a cream has all natural ingredients it does not mean it is gentle - there are plenty of natural poisons that will kill you! If a cream is strong enough to dissolve hair, as depilatory creams are meant to do, it is too strong for your nose, Period.


Nose Hair Removal For Women

Nose hair trimmer for womenWomen can have problems with nose hair too and if you have an issue with it you are definitely not alone in needing a solution for nasal hair removal.

Although most of the nose hair removers and ads are aimed at men, (as they tend to have the worst nose hair problems), these tools are equally suitable for men and women. There is also a special nose hair trimmer for women (click HERE for more details) but you can also choose one of the smaller male models rather than the more macho variety for trimming nose hair.




How to Use Nose Hair Trimmers

1. Whatever you do choose the right tools for the job. You want nose hair cutters that have been specifically designed for the purpose, whether they are manual nose hair clippers in the form of specialist scissors or electric nose hair grooming tools or trimmers.

2. Most electric hair trimmers are battery operated for portability. Make sure that you have a full charge so that the machine works effectively. If the motor is too slow, the trimmer will be less effective at cutting the hair and may pull a bit.

3. Make sure your tools are clean. Sterilize your scissors with surgical alcohol and rinse in boiled water. Follow the instructions that come with your nose hair trimmer to make sure that is scrupulously clean each time you use it.

4. Clean out your nose too so it is clean of mucus and other debris. Clean out with a cotton bud and give it a good blow.

5. Make sure you work in a good light and with a mirror where you can see up your nose. Some nose hair trimmers have a built in light which can be helpful.

6. Follow the instruction on your nose hair trimmer to trim your nose hair. This usually involves switching on the trimmer and inserting the end slightly into the nostril. (Do not insert too far you just need to trim the hair where is protrudes from the nose). If using scissors snip the hair as close to the skin as possible, inserting them a small way into the nostril.

7. After cutting hair, give your nose a good blow to avoid breathing in the tiny hair clippings. (Some electric trimmers have a suction device to "hoover" up the hair).


Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews

The best nose hair trimmers are those which are rechargeable or work on batteries, so that they are completely portable. A light is useful, though not essential if you have a lighted mirror you can use to get a clear picture of your nose as you use the nose hair cutter.

Other than this it is often a case of personal preference, that determines the best one for you, and you can't really find this out until you try one. As the models change all the time, it's best to look at the latest selection available (many at a discount and with free shipping) HERE and then pick the model with the best rating by actual buyers and users. You will find most can be used as both ear and nose hair trimmers.

Start with the cheaper end of the market and work through the reviews on each model until you find one that seems worth a try where most buyers have given it a positive review. Cost does not seem to make a difference in terms of how good the trimmers are. If you buy one that has a high rating, you should be fine.

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