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How to Achieve Permanent Body Hair Removal

Permanent body hair removal seems like the ultimate convenience. Having that perfectly smooth body without ever having to worry about pesky unsightly unwanted hair ever again would be fantastic. One less chore to worry about. One more step towards feeling confident about your body. After all it's not every one who has the confidence to feel good with hair sprouting from places which would never be allowed on the beautiful people we see featured in the media everywhere. And who feels confident snuggling up to someone wondering if they can feel the stubble from an overdue shaving or waxing session?

So how can you get rid of your unwanted body hair permanently?

There are only two ways to go.

You can aim for a permanent REDUCTION in body hair with laser hair removal or permanent REMOVAL with electrolysis.

Despite the fanfare surrounding the whole concept of laser treatment for excess hair it really does not offer the permanent hair removal that we thought when it first arrived on the scene. The problem is that it does not target the hair follicles growing deep into the dermis and so some hairs are not destroyed. (The strength of a laser which penetrated deeply enough would damage the surrounding skin). Also in some cases it seems to stun hair follicles into inactivity for a time rather than destroying them. In addition, laser hair removal is ineffective on grey, red or blond hair because it is the pigment in hair which the laser targets. Having said all that, if you have the right type of hair, laser treatment may still give you enough of a permanent reduction in hair growth that you are happy with the results for your body. And if you are prepared to attend (and pay for) regular maintenance sessions after your initial course of treatment it may give you the result you are looking for (at a price).

If you are looking for permanent removal of hair there is really only one answer and that is electrolysis performed by a good, trained and experienced electrologist. It is painstakingly slow and expensive removing hair in this way but it usually works. So if you are prepared to go for treatment after treatment on your body hair and you are able to pay for it you should achieve the results you are looking for (although even that is not guaranteed).

If you decide to go for electrolysis, try out the process on a small area to begin with to ensure that

a) your hair and skin respond to the treatment and
b) the electrologist you have selected is skilled and effective

Once you have seen the results in a small area you can then decide if you want to deal with your whole body hair.

Maybe it is something you could budget over a number of years (both in terms of time and money) so that eventually you no longer have to worry about the problem of body hair at all.

Given the difficulty and expense of achieving permanent hair removal many resort to more temporary methods of removing unwanted body hair such as waxing or shaving and just make sure that they keep up regular treatments to achieve a body which is a smooth as possible. You have to weigh up the cost and time involved in permanent hair removal or reduction and then decide for yourself - but do bear in mind that lifelong waxing sessions may eventually cost you more in terms of time and money not to mention the aggravation of regrowth when you are making your decision to go for permanent hair removal or more temporary treatments.

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