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Permanent Facial Hair Removal: Electrolysis or Laser Treatment?

If you want to deal with facial hair for once and for all you really only have one choice and that is to opt for a series of electrolysis treatments. Electrolysis treats one hair at a time so it is a slow and painstaking process even for a small area of facial hair. However it is the only method which can legitimately claim permanent removal of hair.

I can personally vouch for this. Having been through a whole series of electrolysis treatments on my upper lip area over twenty years ago, the area has been completely free of the dark hairs I had growing there since the treatment was completed. I am delighted with the results.

Facial laser hair removal can claim that it is permanent to a certain extent but it only offers permanent reduction of facial hair rather than permanent removal and maintenance treatments will be needed on an ongoing basis.

If laser hair removal had been available then, I might very well have chosen it given the great press and marketing it has had. But I am so glad that I opted for electrolysis especially as laser hair removal requires some hair to be visible in order to work as effectively as possible.

Electrolysis is cheaper than laser hair removal on a per session basis but you do need more sessions to remove facial hair permanently than the initial set of about six laser treatments required to remove facial hair by laser. I had electrolysis every couple of weeks to start with and then every month or so for over a year I remember. But it was worth the effort to be completely hair free on my upper lip. If I had chosen laser hair removal I would have still been going for expensive treatment.

Both treatments will give some level of discomfort. Sitting in the electrologist's chair was not my favorite place. The pain of electrolysis and laser treatment seem comparable, with laser hair removal being likened to the sharp pinging of elastic bands and electrolysis like a sharp pricking sensation as each individual hair is treated. Both treatments will leave your skin red and a little sore too. But i still think it's worth every second of pain (and the embarrassment of getting home from the beauty salon with a red "mustache") to have electrolysis and worth every penny to never have to use a messy depilatory hair remover cream and or worry about regrowth again.

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