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Plucking with Tweezers

Plucking hair with tweezers (sometimes called "tweezing") is a very effective way of removing hair but can be very time consuming so it is best for individual stray hairs or small areas of the face or body. As the hair must be long enough to grasp with tweezers, a little regrowth will be visible before the treatment can be repeated but quite short lengths of hair can be plucked if you have good tweezers and good lighting to see them.

Hairs are plucked out one by one by the root which can be painful and cause reddening of the skin or red bumps where individual hairs have been removed but these signs of skin irritation generally disappear quickly. The process can be made less painful by opening pores with a hot wash cloth or plucking hair after a hot bath or shower.

Also by checking every few days you may find you only have to pull one or two hairs out in any session which is less off putting if you find plucking painful once you have cleared the hair or shaped brows in an initial session.

Choose good quality tweezers. Make sure that the ends of the tweezers form a good grip on the hair. You may need to experiment a bit before you find a pair which suit you.

The best way to pluck hair is to

  • stretch the skin gently
  • grip the hair firmly close to the root with the tips of the tweezers
  • pull the hair gently, firmly and evenly from the skin. (if you yank the hair out it may break off at the surface of the skin and this can lead to ingrown hairs)

There is an old wives tale that if you pluck hair, two hairs will grow back in place of one. This is not the case - in fact plucking unwanted hair can eventually lead to some hairs not growing back at all. (It is important not to overpluck eyebrows for example if you want to avoid a bald patches in your brows)

Advantages of plucking

  • Inexpensive hair remover (only a good pair of tweezers required if you do it yourself)
  • Control over individual hairs - good for brow shaping and stray hairs such as those growing around the nipple area
  • Convenient - you can wield your tweezers anytime you have a spare moment and a good light

Disadvantages of plucking

  • Plucking may cause ingrown hairs or (more rarely) pitting, or scarring.
  • Redness after treatment
  • Slow
  • Unsuitable for large areas of excess hair unless you have far too much time on your hands
  • The coarse hair which sometimes grows in a mole should not be plucked. They can be removed by shaving or snipping off the hair near the mole with small scissors. Plucking may cause inflammation resulting in a painful lump under the mole.
  • Plucking hair can be painful especially from sensitive areas such as the nipple or ears