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What are Pubic Hair Trimmers and How do You Use One?

A pubic hair trimmer is a special electric shaver for use in the bikini area. It is designed to cope with the many contours and sensitive areas in that region of the body. Trimmers are widely available now that trimming and shaping of pubic hair has become so popular. It is definitely not fashionable to have unsightly hair poking out of your bikini on the beach or at the pool and these days it is very common to remove much more hair than necessary to give a clean line in a skimpy swimsuit.

With a pubic hair trimmer you can adjust the length of the hair left on your body to various lengths to give a neat finish and they are also useful to use before waxing as hair is best trimmed to about a quarter of an inch in length before treatment. Most bikini line trimmers are designed to be used on dry hair rather than in the shower.

Some people will find that a pubic hair trimmer is all they need to keep neat and tidy and it certainly means none of the pain, expense or irritated skin that you might get with other methods of hair removal. You need to remember that most bikini trimmers do not give a hair free finish - they trim rather than shave but they are great for getting rid of the bulk of the hair and work on even quite long pubic hair. If you want a trimmer which offers complete removal of hair at the skin surface you need to select one which specifies it works as a hair remover or shaver as well as a trimmer.

Some bikini trimmers work by battery only and others work with the mains. Check whether a trimmer matches your requirements before purchasing.

Personal trimmers are produced by some well-known brand names in the beauty business for example Remington, Epilady and Panasonic so you should easily be able to find a brand you trust.

Tips on using a Pubic Hair Trimmer

  • Be sure to read and follow the instructions for removing hair with your particular model of bikini trimmer
  • Wear close fitting underwear or swim wear to give you a guide of where you should trim excess hair
  • Use a small mirror so that you can see any hard to reach areas
  • Check which areas your trimmer is suitable for before you begin
  • Ensure skin is clean and dry
  • Trim hair the night before wearing your skimpy bathing costume in public to ensure that you have the cleanest look
  • Start trimming unwanted hair at the highest setting and gradually reduce to get the length you want.

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