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Pubic Hair Removal and Bikini Line Shaping

Most women prefer to remove pubic hair which is visible when wearing a skimpy bathing suit or underwear. It simply gives a neater appearance.

Sometimes trimming excess hair into a neat shape with scissors is enough but usually another form of hair removal is necessary.

You can remove hair around the bikini line temporarily by shaving. Although it is tricky to follow the contours of the skin and avoid nicks and cuts it is a quick and easy method of removing hair if you do it carefully. Regrowth will be quick though and you will probably have to repeat the process within a few days.

A depilatory cream is also effective for removing pubic hair. You should choose a type of hair remover which is suitable for the region (there are some specialist bikini line depilatories) and follow the directions carefully. Again regrowth will be within days although the results will last slightly longer than shaving and the regrowth will probably feel a bit less stubbly.

If you have only a few stray hairs peaking out from your bikini you can remove them by plucking individual hairs out with tweezers although you may need a mirror to be able to see what you are doing. The results will probably last for a few weeks so this does not have to be done too often.

For lasting results (a few weeks and even a couple of months) waxing or sugaring is the best solution though both of these methods are extremely painful for the bikini line - the coarser hair there is quite tough to pull out, the area is quite sensitive and the skin is not so taut as on, for example, the shins.

You can buy home waxing or sugaring kits but I would advise against doing this yourself at home if you have never had a bikini wax or sugaring done before at a salon.

Therapists at beauty salons will work quickly and efficiently and a good one means less pain for you. Embarrassing though you may think it is to expose your pubic region to the beauty therapist, they are well used to carrying out this procedure and will put you at ease. Think of it like a visit to the gynaecologist!

Some salons use a pain relieving spray and you may also want to take a painkiller an hour or so before the appointment to help. Bikini line waxing still hurts no matter what you do but you'll find many women swear by it and have regular appointments because it keeps them neat and hair free in the pubic region for weeks at a time. Now that bikini line waxing has become not just a procedure to remove unwanted hair but a whole fashion statement. You can have all different types of waxing procedures done and even have your pubic hair shaped into a heart or other symbol.

Bikini laser hair removal is an option if you can't stand the thought of waxing. It is not a permanent solution but it can offer a permanent reduction in the amount of hair and keep you hair free for months at a time without the level of pain that you get with waxing. It is not entirely pain and discomfort free and it is expensive but you might find it worth the price of treatment. Several treatments are necessary to achieve a reduction in hair growth.

If you would like a permanent solution, then electrolysis around the bikini line is the only option. It is a little painful, though not as painful as waxing. Over time you will find that less and less hair grows until you need no further treatment. Consult as specialist electrologist to find out more if you are considering electrolysis to remove pubic hair.

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