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Shaving is quick and easy and is probably the simplest method of unwanted hair removal but unfortunately it also lasts the least amount of time before the process has to be repeated. Sometimes regrowth occurs within 24 hours and usually within 3 days.

But it is available to all, and both boys and girls generally start shaving before any other hair removal method. Quite often boys start to grow facial hair at a fairly young age and learn to shave it off by watching a father or elder brother. Girls usually begin shaving their armpits and legs at puberty and usually remove any hair which shows when wearing a bathing costume too.

Shaving You can shave by using a safety razor and soap to get a good clean shave or use an electric razor. Hair tends to grow back feeling thicker and more stubbly than with other hair removers as the hair has been sliced off and left with a blunt tip. Some people feel that shaving actually makes excess hair grow quicker and thicker but is only because the regrowth feels worse than the original natural hair with a tapered shaft.

How to Shave using a Manual Razor

  1. Always use a clean sharp razor. Disposable razors are available to ensure that you always have a clean sharp blade. Single blades work just as well (if not better) than the multiple bladed razors. If shaving legs or underarms use a razor designed for women as they are shaped better for the task than a man's razor.
  2. Soften hair with plenty of warm water. If you are shaving your body or legs it is best to do this in the bath or shower and to use plenty of soap so that the razor glides over the skin. You can even shave your face in the shower if you have a mirror handy. In any case use warm water and shaving gel or cream on your face. Use the recommended amount of product and massage it in for best effect.
  3. Shave slowly in the same direction as the hair to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs. Men with stubborn facial hair can shave in the opposite direction after the first couple of passes over the skin to get the smoothest shave.
  4. Remove hair from the razor often while shaving by rinsing in water
  5. Pat dry with a soft towel. Don't rub.
  6. Moisturize after shaving to soothe the skin and avoid harsh lotions (such as aftershave or perfume) which can sting newly-shaven skin

Advantages of Shaving

  • cheapest method of removing hair
  • accessible to everyone
  • easy to do it yourself at home - no need for appointments
  • quick
  • leaves skin very smooth especially with wet shave
  • it's painless if you do it carefully and avoid cutting yourself

Disadvantages of Shaving

  • regrowth is fast and feels stubbly so you need to repeat the process frequently, even daily
  • you may suffer small nicks and cuts, razor burn and/or ingrown hairs