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Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal - Risks and Complications

The potential side effects or complications of laser hair removal are generally not of a serious nature and most clear up over time. Lasers in professional hands have been well tested for safety and so risks are minimal.

The side effects you may experience are:-

  • The treated area may remain painful for a short time after treatment. This can be relieved with over the counter pain relief medication.
  • You may get some swelling of the hair follicles in the area (perifollicular oedema) or redness and inflammation ( erythema ) lasting a few days. This should go away of its own accord.
  • Blistering, herpes simplex outbreaks and bacterial infections are also potential side effects of laser hair removal and you should seek advice if these occur
  • Skin discoloration may be a side effect. This can be either darkening or lightening of the skin and is usually temporary. Discoloration can also include changes to freckling (they may disappear from the area) moles and tattoos. Permanent skin color changes are very rare although they do sometimes occur. More rarely you might get purple coloring (purpura) on tanned areas of the skin.
  • You may get some crusting/ scab formation on ingrown hairs
  • Bruising (rare)

You will also see that most of the more common potential side effects of laser hair removal are the same as those experienced for other forms of removing hair such as waxing and electrolysis so laser hair removal has no more dangers from that point of view. Of course you should ensure that you use a clinic with high standards for equipment and hygiene and operators who are properly trained and experienced but that goes without saying for any medical procedure.

If side effects last longer than a few days, you experience the less common side effects or you're worried in any way consult your doctor. Mention any side effects you experienced as a result of laser hair removal to your technician before your next treatment in case the settings on the laser equipment were too high for you and need to be adjusted.

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