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10 Minutes A Week: Smooth Hair-Free Legs All Year Round

Quite a few years ago I discovered the secret of keeping my legs smooth and hair-free on a continual basis with very little expense or effort. This method gives you hair free legs with very little inconvenience each week and in the comfort of your own home. And you get no problems with stubbly regrowth either.

At the time I discovered this secret I was trying a home waxing kit and spending a very messy hour or so each month getting my legs smooth and then getting the sticky mess off everything. It seemed no sooner had I finished than my legs were sprouting hair again, but I had to wait for the next session so that the hairs were long enough.

And then a friend told me about her Epilady (the only epilator that was available in those days). She told me how easy it was to use once you got used to it. So I decided to take my friend's advice and give an epilator a try.

I must say it hurt every bit as much as waxing but it was much less messy so I persevered doing just one small section of my legs at a time until I got used to the sensation of the epilator pulling out the hairs.

After a few short sessions I had cleared all the hair from my lower legs and because I'd been doing them every few days I decided to carry on, eventually falling into a pattern of 10 minutes once a week with the epilator, which is enough to keep my legs completely hair free.

An epilator takes out even very short hairs so it's hard to detect any regrowth at all before the hair is whisked away. It does tend to leave a few small red spots behind where hair has been removed but these disappear in a few hours. If my legs are going to be on show I make sure to do them the night before and they are always fine by the next day.

Over the years both the hair and any sensation of pain has reduced and I have progressed to doing my thighs too. Again, I built up slowly doing one small area of my thighs at a time until the whole area was done. And it still only takes 10 minutes a week now to do the whole leg.

I find the key to first tackling your legs with an epilator (and not giving up) is to focus on a single small area at a time (about an 1" in diameter) and to pull the skin taut while concentrating on getting just those hairs out and then to move on. Trying to go all over your legs quickly seems to be a lot more painful somehow. With the 1" at a time method you see real results real quickly as patches of unwanted hair get removed in quick succession. It seems to be more motivating plus any pain is localized into a tiny area.

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