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Unproven Hair Removal Methods (How to Avoid the Ineffective as well as the Scams)

Hair Removal methods such as Electrolysis and Laser Treatment have been scientifically tested for effectiveness in terms of permanent hair removal. They have shown varying results but they have both been shown to have a positive effect in the quest to remove or reduce unwanted hair.

Equally the topical lotion Vaniqa and the drugs available from your doctor to reduce excess hair have been through normal medical testing.

But some manufacturers claim that their products have a permanent effect on unwanted hair without any scientific proof at all and sometimes the safety of such products is also in question due to the lack of proper testing.

Sometimes, you see advertising about methods of hair removal which involve spending hundreds of dollars on "specialized" equipment and sometimes these are couched in terms of a business opportunity but there is no opportunity in selling worthless and dubious services.

Bear in mind when reading any ads about hair removal products and services that

  1. the only truly proven permanent method of hair removal is electrolysis
  2. even if the product or service has electrolysis in its name, if it isn't electrolysis carried out by a highly trained therapist it's unlikely to be so effective at removing hair permanently (if at all)
  3. some laser treatment may lead to permanent hair reduction and some may not. Look for the proof on the type of laser treatment used before opting for a particular clinic.
  4. there is no evidence that electric tweezers have an effect on hair follicles. Why would electrologists bother to struggle to find the root of a hair if it can just be grasped by electric tweezers and have just as much an effect?
  5. a dietary supplement will have no effect whatsoever on your level of excess hair. If it did have an effect, it would only be available with a prescription.
  6. creams and lotions claiming to reduce hair growth (hair inhibitors) have not been proven to be effective with the exception of Vaniqa, available only on prescription. Others may just be a costly way to irritate your skin

Whatever new hair remover procedure or product you're thinking of using look for independent evidence of effectiveness and safety - you can't believe the ads without proof. There are too many hair removal scams about.

A good site to look for evidence of any particular "no pain permanent solution" type product you're thinking about is Hair Facts which has details about many dubious hair removal products and services.

Rather than chancing your luck with unproven solutions you are far better sticking with those which are known to work effectively. They have their advantages and their drawbacks but you know that you can use them to safely remove unwanted hair.