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Waxing For Men

It is becoming more and more common for men to remove body hair for aesthetic reasons (so-called "manscaping"). No doubt increasing exposure to images in ads with beautiful bare male torsos has a lot to do with this. Waxing is one of the most common and easiest ways for men to remove body hair.

With salon waxing treatments, it is quite feasible to be waxed from top to toe for a smooth look which sets off ripped muscles better than a hairy chest, back, shoulders and legs ever could. Waxing is de rigeur among the gay community where the practise began as well as for body builders and models and removing hair is becoming more common among young men in general.

And increasingly men are undertaking an excruciatingly painful experience - the so called for "back, sack and crack wax".

Bikini waxing and "having a Brazilian" are quite common among the young and cool. This involves removing all hair from the pubic region - including having a sack and crack wax and giving a very clean line for skimpy bathing trunks.

Now I'm all for a smooth back and shoulders - these areas just look better hair free (although give me smiling eyes, kindness and a sense of humor and I couldn't care less) and I can understand that those who have taken the trouble to build up chest muscles and a six pack might not want to hide it under a rug of hair but I'm really not sure about the sack and crack wax and what the benefits are. No doubt there's some reason I don't even want to think about which those more in the know about the whys and wherefores of men's waxing habits are well aware of.

Although you can buy waxing kits for home use, some of which are being marketed for men, it's always best to go for professional treatment until you understand what is involved (and can see with your own eyes how impractical it would be to wax you own back (or indeed crack or sack or any other unreachable areas or places where it would take unbelievable courage to remove that wax in one rip).

Tips for Professional Male Waxing

  • Trim the hair to about a quarter of an inch before you go to the salon if you can as that is the easiest length to remove and makes the process less painful.
  • Choose a salon which has a number of male clients and which is experienced in carrying out the procedure you are looking for, especially for the more delicate areas. Here experience is everything. Go by the recommendation of a male friend if you can.
  • Have a shower before you go to open pores and for the sake of hygiene (and in consideration of the beauty therapist).
  • If you think your courage might fail you, take an over the counter pain relief medication before you go and ask the therapist to start on the less sensitive areas of excess hair. (Most will naturally do this as they don't want you to turn tail and run before the treatment really gets going!)
  • Chat to the therapist as you would a hairdresser to take your mind off any discomfort you might be feeling.
  • Take care of your skin after the waxing session, with a gentle moisturizing lotion such as aloe vera. Once skin has settled down in a couple of days, exfoliate gently in the shower with a loofa or body buffer to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Decide whether it's worth going through it all again in a few weeks to keep your body smooth and hair free ....

If you decide to try home waxing follow the tips in the other articles in this section which are applicable to both men and women.

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