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In this method of hair removal, cold or warm wax is applied to the skin and strips of cloth placed on top of the wax. After a few seconds (once the wax has adhered to the skin) the cloth is pulled off taking the wax and the unwanted hair with it.

As hair is pulled from the roots, regrowth is slow and therefore waxing is a great way of achieving hair free skin for weeks at a time. Many find that hair grows finer and sparser over time and waxing becomes easier.

The main disadvantage of removing hair in this way is the pain involved in having a whole strip of hair pulled from the skin. While there's no doubt about it, waxing is painful many people find it is worth it to have a few short minutes of pain in exchange for weeks of hair free skin. Much depends on your pain threshold and the sensitivity of the area you are waxing. If you want an idea of how painful it's really just like pulling off a sticking plaster from a hairy leg. Painful but not unbearably so. In a beauty salon the therapist will pull the strip off in one go and then quickly massage the area to relieve pain.

Waxing - beautiful bare legs

In addition to the pain, pulling the hair from the roots irritates the skin and you may suffer redness and small spots. You should not wax

  • over broken or damaged skin
  • over moles, warts or varicose veins
  • over sunburn or other type of skin irritation
  • inside ears, nose or in very sensitive areas
  • when taking certain medications - check with your doctor, pharmacist or the contra-indications on the medication packaging
  • if you have diabetes as this increases the possibility of infection

It is best to have treatment at a beauty salon or spa if you can afford it (at least for the first few sessions) as you may find it messy and awkward at home especially while you are working out what to do - and it takes some courage to pull those strips off your own body or face. Strips have to be yanked quickly and at a 40 degree angle and that is hard to judge until you are familiar with how waxing works. But once you are used to the procedure you may find you get along just fine with a home waxing kit. There are also cold wax strips available which are a convenient way of waxing although they are not quite so effective a hair remover as salon type waxing with cloth strips.

Advantages of waxing

  • slow regrowth
  • hair often grows back finer and is more sparse after a number of treatments
  • fairly quick to treat large areas of excess hair
  • suitable for most parts of the body

Disadvantages of Waxing

  • expensive to continue having treatments in a beauty salon
  • messy to do yourself at home especially until you get the hang of it
  • painful
  • can't be used in all circumstances (see above)
  • regrowth must be long enough for wax to adhere and therefore regrowth will be visible before treatment can take place

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