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Why are Epilators so Good for Keeping Legs Smooth?

Every method of getting rid of unwanted hair has it's drawbacks, but there are very few disadvantages to the epilator. Once you have chosen your device and bought it, you can have completely hair free legs for years without further expense or appointments at the beauty salon.

True, there is an initial barrier to get over, which is the pain you feel at pulling hairs out from the roots. But no method which provides long term hair removal is truly pain free, and the pain reduces the more treatments you have.

What is great about the epilator is how you can tailor your treatments to match your exact hair growth and the amount of hair you are willing to let grow on your legs!

The epilator picks up quite short hairs - I find it easier to remove shorter hairs than with waxing  - so you can remove hairs before they are visible from any distance. Like waxing the hairs grow in without a stubbly feel and growth becomes finer, more sparse and easier to pull over time.

Because the process is essentially free after you buy your epilator (well apart from a little electricity) you can afford to do your legs as often as you like. I find that whizzing over mine in 10 minutes every week picks up every little hair and causes less discomfort than trying to pull all the hairs out in one session every few weeks.

So with my epilator my legs are always looking good and I continure the process removing hair throughout the winter because it is so easy - it never becomes a big chore or an expensive trip to the salon.

Even if you neglect your legs a little you can have great legs by the next day by whisking out your machine for twenty minutes then letting your skin settle down overnight. (No good going out on a hot date immediately after using your epilator because you will have little red bumps - much better to let them disappear first. If you want immediate smooth legs, a hair remover cream or shaving is best.) By the morning, your legs are smooth as silk as if you'd had the best wax of your life.  

So if you're wondering about trying an epilator for excess hair on your legs I would say give it a go  - I am glad I did!

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