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Why is Electrolysis Less Popular than Laser Hair Removal?

Electrolysis has fallen out of favor in recent years which is a pity as it is the only true permanent method of hair removal.

However it's perfectly understandable.

The problem is that electrolysis is not exactly a convenient way of removing hair.

You have to make what feels like endless trips to the beauty salon. You suffer discomfort every time and you also have skin which is a little red and sore afterwards. The whole process if not exactly cheap either with costs becoming prohibitive for larger areas of dense coarse hair.

So scientists and technicians continue to strive to find better, less painful, more convenient ways to solve the problem of excess hair.

And any female with unwanted hair somewhere (which is probably most of us) is always pleased to hear that there is a new method of getting rid of the pesky problem.

With the news that laser technology could be used as a hair remover method and the development of laser machines to do the removing, the beauty industry seized on this revolutionary process and marketed it to the hilt and we heard over and over again how much faster and less painful it was.

Until you read into the subject, laser hair removal really does seem like the answer to your prayers if not your bank balance.

But among the hype and glowing reports we started to find out that it was not painless after all and worse it did not work as a permanent method of hair removal either - it merely gave us a reduction in hair growth.

Still the rumors persist and people have an idea that lasers must be fast and that they will zap away excess hair problems for good. It somehow sounds more in keeping with modern life - where lasers are used for all sorts of things from eye surgery (zap away your eyesight problems) to tatoo removal ( quickly remove those tatoos you wish you'd never had).

I do think though that laser hair removal actually deserves its popularity for some reasons.

Electrolysis for large areas is so time comsuming and expensive that it is impractical for many. Laser hair removal makes it easier and more affordable to treat large areas of the body like the arms, legs, back and chest. And provided you are prepared to pay for and have follow up sessions it's a reasonable option to choose among all the hair remover choices out there. You do get fast results for those larger areas without quite so much time spent at the beauty salon.

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